Aeroflot personal account

Aeroflot is a national Russian airline operating both domestic and international flights. The air carrier appreciates regular customers and creates bonus programs for them. Legal entities that spend on flights of employees from 300,000 rubles a year can become members of the Corporate Loyalty Program.

Aeroflot's personal account allows you to track bonuses that are credited to the company's corporate account in the amount of 2% to 3% of transportation fare cost.

Аэрофлот официальный сайт

Personal account options

The company’s account in the system opens opportunities that are not available through the Aeroflot official website without registration:

  • View the current bonus account balance. | || 41
  • Бронирование билетов и их оплата безналичным платежом.
  • Paying part of the cost of tickets (in the amount of the base fare) with bonuses.
  • Getting bonuses when buying tickets through a service agent.
  • Начисление миль тем сотрудникам, которые приобретают билеты по Программе корпоративной лояльности, но одновременно являются участникам Программы Аэрофлот-Бонус и указывают свой номер при бронировании.
  • Management of employee profiles.
  • Analysis of reporting on paid tickets and accrued bonuses.

Corporate loyalty program participants who are just starting to use Aeroflot’s personal account will be helped by a personal consultant.

Registration and access to your personal account

To get into the Aeroflot Bonus personal account for legal entities, you need to enter the “Corporate Clients” section and select the “Corporate Loyalty Program” item in it. On the page of the section that opens, there will be a block with a link to the personal account of the Program participant. A representative of a legal entity can log into the company’s account using login, password and the “Login” button.

Аэрофлот личный кабинет

Joining the bonus program for organizations begins by filling out an online application form at / pkl / forms / sales_offer. An important point of the form is the choice of the planned method of issuing tickets, the participant can order them through the website or service agent.

In response to the application, the client will receive the conditions of cooperation corresponding to this choice, which must be signed to participate in the Program. After receiving the signed Terms and Conditions from the client, an Aeroflot employee carries out registration of the participating company, and an Administrator Profile is created for it. Later, the administrator can add employee profiles to Aeroflot's personal account.

Instructions for working with Aeroflot's personal account for corporate clients and booking tickets on the website are sent to the Program participant by e-mail along with an activation link. Following the link, you can set a password and login for the Administrator Profile. The system will help to recover the password via email, if the participant correctly enters their username and email address.

The client profile may be blocked if the curator notes that the client has not been active in the personal account for a year, thereby violating the obligations accepted upon signing the Terms.


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  1. Good afternoon. I registered in my personal account last year, repeatedly went into my office, everything was fine. Now I'm trying to go in, it says to me that the wrong password or login has been entered. I'm trying to register again, writes that such a person with such data already exists. What to do?

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  5. I can’t access my personal account ... I wanted to know how many miles were credited. I am a member of the Aeroflot Bonus. Card number 71895062

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