Personal account Bashneft

The oil company Bashneft sells fuel in the Russian Federation through a network of gas stations under its own brand. The loyalty program from Bashneft is the accrual of bonuses for a multiple of 100 rubles of the amount spent at points in the company's gas station network. When paying with bonus units of fuel and other goods at Bashneft gas stations, the client is given a discount of 10 rubles per 100 bonus units.

Bonuses are recorded on the loyalty card, the balance of which can be monitored through Bashneft’s personal account in the mobile application and official site.

Башнефть официальный сайт

Personal account features

Sections that make up the Bashneft gas station’s personal account:

  • Bonus account (status, history of operations).
  • Personal special offers (promotions that match the preferences of the client).
  • Fresh version of the Program rules.
  • Promotions that are valid in the network of gas stations.
  • Personal data.
  • Feedback (the opportunity to share your impression of servicing at a particular gas station online).

In the mobile application, Bashneft’s personal account is supplemented with options:

  • Search filters for a suitable gas station at , hours of work, payment methods, availability of products and services, types of oil products.
  • Graphical construction of routes from the current location to a specific gas station.

Registration and access to your personal account

A client is over 16 years old who has purchased a card and filled out a questionnaire with reliable personal data. to her at the Bashneft gas station. The status of the bonus account can always be obtained from the operator at the time of purchase or remotely by opening a personal account through the Bashneft official website or mobile application.

Башнефть личный кабинет

After the loyalty card has been activated at the first purchase, it can be registered on the website or in Bashneft gas station application from the developer of PJSC ANK Bashneft for mobile devices (so far only for iOs and Android). There is a direct link to the card registration section on the main page of the site and application. It contains an electronic form consisting of fields for mandatory and optional filling.

Required fields:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Card number.
  • Password.
  • Paul
  • Mobile phone.
  • Email.
  • City. | || 61

Также для получения более релевантных спецпредложений можно указать:

  • Full address.
  • Type of fuel used by a program participant to fuel the car.
  • Participation fact in the discount program "Bashneft" in the past.
  • The fact of participation in similar programs of competitors.
  • Marital status.
  • The presence of children.

After sending the form to the email address chosen for registering the card, a code will come. Since the user has authorization data, he can make the first login to Bashneft’s personal account and enter this code to confirm that the email address is active and belongs to him. Only one bonus card can be linked to one email address. Entering the code completes the registration of the account.

Subsequently, both the email and the number on the front side of the card are allowed to enter in the login field. The ability to independently recover the password exists as long as the email associated with the card is available. If access to the electronic mailbox is lost, the password is restored when you contact the gas station operator.


Use your personal account Bashneft? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Зарегистрировал карту, активировал, а зайти по номеру карты не могу — не помню пароль. Пишет пароль послали на номер телефона, а телефона этого давно нет. Почему не шлют пароль на эл адрес, который спрашивают?

  2. how to find your card number by name, if you accidentally left the card at the gas station?

  3. they impose the googl browser, it doesn’t work from other browsers, so now it’s a shame to set up a browser for each card, it’s a god’s organization, but they didn’t find a normal system administrator or programmer. Boturov

  4. Hello! Tell me please how to enter my personal account to register a card

  5. You can either go into your personal account or not, it is not clear to whom this personal account is. Not registered the first time, later went into your personal account and spent registration to the end.

  6. I was unable to complete the registration. He asked me several times for help by calling the hotline. The girl refused me very politely. And why then the hotline