Likard personal account for legal entities

LIKARD LLC is a subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL, which is the operator of processing operations for servicing corporate clients using plastic cards and the Customer Incentive Program. The use of fuel cards with a high degree of protection helps enterprises to profitably provide the fleet with fuel, keep records of its consumption and reduce fuel costs. Likard’s personal account for legal entities allows monitoring online fuel card operations.

Ликард официальный сайт

Personal account features

Licard’s personal account can be operated on for corporate clients :

  • Management of the contract and its associated cards (assigning a card to a specific driver or car, imposing limits, blocking / unblocking, changing the type of fuel).
  • Adding users with different access rights level (super administrator, administrator, user).
  • View the current balance of the contract and bonus account.
  • Create effective payment schedules.
  • Monitoring routes and limits.
  • Tracking the fueling of each individual vehicle.
  • Viewing the transaction log.
  • Generating analytical reports.
  • Obtaining primary accounting documents.
  • Contacting questions via the feedback form.
  • Setting SMS notifications.
  • Editing contact information. || | 51
  • Отправка запросов на изменение реквизитов юридического лица.

Registration and access to your personal account

To order a fuel card, the form of ownership of the interested client must be a legal entity. If this condition is met, you need to go to the Likard official website, open the "Business" section and take the following action:

  • Download the application form for concluding a contract, fill out and send an e-mail to .
  • Fill out and send an interactive card order form by clicking on the “Order a card” button.

A manager will contact the sender to confirm that the application has been registered and help to choose a service program ( “Classic” or “Likard-Transit”).

To issue additional cards, the client must contact the contract service office with an application filled out in the form from the site.

Ликард личный кабинет для юридических лиц

Access details to your personal account Likard for legal entities - login (email address) and password. Email address is indicated by the client in the application form for joining the Program. A link to set a password is sent to this address after signing the contract. The access code must comply with certain rules in order to be accepted by the system - with a length of 6-10 characters, it must have at least one digit, a capital letter and a lowercase. Each input is accompanied by the input of characters from the captcha image.

If you have problems with authorization, you must refer to the "Forgot your password?" in the login section of your personal account. Having access to the e-mail assigned to the contract, you can restore the password. A message with instructions will be sent to the email address within 30 minutes from its indication in the recovery form.


Use your personal account Likard for legal entities? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.