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The Russian company “My Delo” helps entrepreneurs to facilitate accounting, tax and personnel records using an online service operating in an all-in-one format. The Internet accounting service is as simple as possible and is suitable for self-employed entrepreneurs who do not want to hire an accountant.

Мое Дело официальный сайт

By registering and buying a license in the system, a client can log into My Account from any computer My account and keep records of the business that is necessary for the business. There is no need to worry about data safety - the service is based on cloud-based information processing technologies.

Personal Account Features

The company provides an opportunity to try out my personal account for three days free of charge, and later purchase a package services with the selected tariff. A subscription is issued for at least a year, payment is accepted through payment systems or wire transfer.

After registering in Internet accounting through the official website, my business opens up the benefits of electronic accounting such as:

  • Reconciliation with the Federal Tax Service data on the status of existing debt.
  • Consultation of service experts with a solution to the problem within a day.
  • Obtaining automatic calculation of taxes and options for reducing them.
  • The presence in the system of samples of all forms, including atypical.
  • Sending invoices for payment to the client.
  • Filing reports online with confirmation of their actions by SMS.
  • Formation of the required package of documents in a couple of clicks.
  • Maintaining a system of all monetary relations with employees.
  • Integration with banks, which facilitates the receipt of statements and work with payment orders.
  • Transparency of data on any operation.
  • Passing training programs.

Registration and access to your personal account

The first step to using the system for new users is free registration in your My Case on the page with the address Data that the service requires to specify:

  • name
  • email
  • mobile number
  • form of ownership
  • tax system
  • password

It is worth taking seriously the reading of the offer contract, the link to which is attached at the bottom of the form, because when you complete the registration, you accept its terms. Here, under the button to submit the form, the service offers to remotely register a business if it is not already registered.

Мое Дело личный кабинет

The “Login” button in the site menu leads to the My Account user account. As a login, the system requests an email address. After entering the password, you need to click the green button "Enter the service." The “Remind” option is located next to the password line, by clicking on it and indicating your email address on the page that opens, you can restore the password - a link to change it will come to the mailbox if it was used during registration in the service.


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