Personal account card Family Team (Rosneft)

“Family Team” - a loyalty program for customers of Rosneft and TNK gas station networks. An individual over the age of 18 can join her and receive identifying cards for accumulating bonuses. All accumulations are credited to a single bonus account, it is convenient to monitor the balance replenishment through the Family Team personal account on the program’s website and in Rosneft’s mobile application. The program participant keeps the main card for himself, while his family and friends can use the additional card, bringing bonus points to the account.

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Bonuses are accumulated not only when paying at the gas station of the organizers, but also when making purchases from their partners - in shops, cinemas, cafes. You can spend the savings on payment of up to 100% of the cost of fuel, services and related products at the gas stations of Rosneft and TNK gas stations.

Features of your personal account

Working in the system through your personal account Family Team, member of the loyalty program:

  • Checks bonus accumulations online.
  • Keeps records of purchases that bring bonus points.
  • Tracks promotions for which you can get more bonuses.
  • Activates the function of writing off points from the primary or secondary identifiers.
  • Notifies the operator of the loss of any of the cards.
  • Updates personal data when changes occur in them.

Registration and access to your personal account

A client becomes a member of the loyalty program, who, making a purchase at Rosneft and TNK gas stations », Turned to the operator to fill out the application form, as a result of which he received a set of identifier cards. One of the cards is the main one and at the request of the client it can be banking, the rest - additional. Cards are activated by the operator when issuing the set by reading the barcode from the questionnaire.

Upon receiving the set with a regular main card, the client can apply for the set with a bank card as the main identifier. New cards will be tied to the existing bonus account of the participant, with no more than four additional cards left.

Having a set of identifiers on hand, you can go to the Family Team official website and register to be able to use your personal account. When registering, a Family Team member tells the system:

  • The number on the back of the main identifying card.
  • Personal mobile phone number.
  • New password to enter your personal account Family Team.
  • Repeat password.

Registration is considered completed after confirmation of the rights to the mobile number by entering the verification code from the SMS that came to it. If you enter a phone number (10 characters without a country code) and a password in the authorization block, the service will open.

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The cell number registered in the program is also used when you need to reset the password. After the user indicates the mobile number in the field of the recovery form and clicks “Next”, he will receive an SMS, the entry of which on the site will confirm the request. If the SMS was not delivered, you can order it again. When you enter the correct verification code, the system will display on the recovery page a form for creating a new password.


Do you use your personal account Family Team? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Личный кабинет не открывается Карта давно активирована. Непорядок!

  2. Yes, registration in your personal account is “convincing”! Even at the bank, registration and activation are faster and more enjoyable. For some reason, there is no line “entering your personal account.” And what will be even more problematic to enter your personal account?

  3. personal the office still does not open. although the card is activated. What should I do?