Personal account of VTB24 Collection

The incentive program "Collection" is a special offer for VTB24 customers. A client-holder of a VTB24 credit or debit card, becoming a member of the program, accumulates bonus points and then spends them on goods from a special catalog. Bonus accumulation begins with the customer’s first entry into the VTB24 personal account. Collection according to the data obtained after registration on the site.

ВТБ24 Коллекция официальный сайт

Personal account options

At all stages of participation in the loyalty program, customers need a VTB24 personal account Collection, because only through it you can:

  • Monitor the status of bonus accumulations.
  • Pay from the bonus account:
    • products presented in the Program catalog; * | || 42
    • обслуживание счета банковской карты;
    • sms informing;
    • insurance.

* If there are not enough bonus cards when placing an order through the personal account of VTB24 Collection points, it is allowed to make a surcharge in money.

Registration and access to your personal account

An application for registration in the loyalty program for holders of existing bank cards is executed through the official website of VTB24 Collection. The application form can be called up with the “Register” button from the top panel of the page. Filling in the form fields, the user reports the following data about himself:

  • Surname.
  • First name.
  • Middle name.
  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Date birth.
  • Optionally - the telephone of the recommender (current Program participant) for accruing 500 bonuses to his account.

To submit the form you also need:

  • Read and agree to the rules of the Loyalty Program and the procedure for processing personal information, ticking off the corresponding paragraph.
  • Enter the code displayed on the anti-spam picture.

If the registration was successful, within 24 hours on the program participant’s mobile phone A password will be sent that protects the entrance to the personal account of VTB24 Collection (the cell number is used as the login). At this stage, bonuses begin to accrue to the client.

ВТБ24 Коллекция личный кабинет

To order products from the Program catalog, you need to activate participation. It is carried out through an ATM or online, through the VTB24 Internet Bank. During the activation process, the system informs the client that a virtual card will be issued in his name to pay for the goods in the Catalog. The success of activation is confirmed by receiving the program member number on a mobile phone. From that moment, through the personal account of VTB24 Collection, you can exchange bonus points for the goods of the Catalog.

When a client draws up a new card, registration and activation in the Program can be carried out by an employee of the Bank. Access details and the participant’s number are still sent to the client on their mobile phone.

The link “Forgot password?” Is located under the fields for authorization in the modal window that appears on the page when you click the Login button, which allows you to restore password. After clicking on it, you must enter the mobile number by which the Bank's client is registered as a participant in the Program and request a digital code to confirm the intention to change the password to a new one. By entering the correct code, the user receives a link to the phone or email address to assign a new password.


Use your personal account VTB24 Collection ? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Не возможно войти в лк Коллекция 24.Один раз высветилось,что ошибка и сумма баллов на 8000 меньше .

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