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The Unified Identification and Authorization System (ESIA) is a special electronic system in Russia that provides unified access to most public services.

By registering your ESIA account on the official website of the State Service, individuals and authorized representatives of organizations get the opportunity to conveniently and efficiently receive e-government services.

ЕСИА официальный сайт

Opportunities for a personal account

Initially, the ESIA personal account was conceived to create an account on the State Services Portal. However, ESIA is currently used for many other services, for example, to create a student’s office in most universities in the country, for an account of investment and brokerage companies. The main features of the cabinet are:

  • Creation of a single account.
  • Data management.
  • Providing authorized users (individuals and legal entities) access to state information systems. | || 43
  • Возможность взаимодействия с созданной системой электронного правительства.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can create an ESIA personal account by completing the three-step online registration procedure. An account will be created after the first stage, but the functionality and list of available services will be minimal. As you go through all the steps, this list will expand.

ЕСИА личный кабинет

  1. Simplified registration requires entering a minimum of personal data: name, e-mail or phone. A message with a code is sent to the specified number, which should be entered on the page that opens. After the password is created from the account. If you specified an e-mail, then you need to click on the link and create a password.
  2. By logging in using the created data, you can enter your passport and SNILS data in your profile in your account. Thanks to these actions, access to basic services will appear.
  3. All the functionality opens a full registration with confirmation of identity. You can do this:
    • In person (in the Rostelecom office or in the post office).
    • By mail (a letter will be sent to the specified mailing address. This option does not allow using the site service .
    • Using an electronic signature or a universal electronic card.

You can reset your password using the corresponding button on the authorization page. The system allows you to do this by phone number, email address or SNILS.


Do you use your ESIA personal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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