Personal account of the taxpayer for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

The Federal Tax Service of Russia invites organizations to partially transfer the budget settlement process to the Internet by opening an account on the official website. The personal account of the legal entity’s taxpayer or individual entrepreneur will help to obtain visual information about tax charges, payments and interact with the Federal Tax Service remotely.

ФНС официальный сайт

The capabilities of the personal account

The functions that are assigned to the legal entity’s personal tax account: || | 39

  • Учет начислений и уплаты налогов.
  • Order of USRN statement for own company.
  • Request for statement confirming the organization fulfills financial obligations.
  • Entering data about divisions to the main account of the organization.
  • Checking for debts.
  • Sending an application for a deduction or refund of excessively withheld amounts and viewing the decision of the tax authority.
  • Preparation and sending the xml-file “Message on participation in Russian organizations.”
  • Uploading data in csv format.

What does the personal account for IP offer:

  • Obtaining electronic USRIP.
  • Choosing a tax system.
  • Notification of debts and upcoming payments.
  • Sending complaints, complaints and applications to tax offices with by monitoring their status.
  • Editing information of the IP.
  • Filing electronic applications regarding outstanding payments and overpayments.
  • Viewing the actions for settlement with the budget and receiving the relevant statements.

Registration and access to your personal account

To work in the personal account of the Federal Tax Service and legal entities and individual entrepreneurs you need:

  • Have a qualified certificate of an electronic signature verification key issued by an accredited certifier center.
  • Check if the software on the computer from which you want to use your personal account matches the requirements listed on the site.
  • Install software components (utilities, plug-ins, drivers) on the computer from list site.

An individual entrepreneur can enter the taxpayer’s personal account by TIN number and password issued at the tax office, or using an electronic signature, which extends the functionality of the service. Password recovery is allowed only at the Federal Tax Service Department for passport and documents on IP.

Личный кабинет налогоплательщика

The first visit to the personal office of the Federal Tax Service, during which the legal entity is registered in the system, requires connecting a medium with an electronic signature key to the computer. The user selects the desired certificate and enters its pin code. The next step is to check the system technical compliance of the computer with its requirements. After that, the online registration process begins. User:

  • He gets acquainted with the contents of the Agreement on the opening of access and signs it with an electronic signature.
  • Enters the address of the working electronic box in the email field and clicks the "Next" button.
  • В течение двух часов переходит по ссылке активации доступа из сообщения с почты.

After registration, the representative of the legal entity logs in to the personal office of the Federal Tax Service in the following order:

  • Connecting a token with an electronic by signature.
  • Opening the personal account page for legal entities through the official website of the Federal Tax Service.
  • Selecting an electronic signature certificate and entering a pin code for it in the window that appears.


Use your personal account Personal taxpayer account for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (FTS)? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.