Personal account Rosfinmonitoring

The Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Rosfinmonitoring monitors the activities of accountable organizations and private individuals and identifies the facts of terrorist financing and criminally generating income.

There are a number of functions that are available to supervised persons only through a personal Rosfinmonitoring’s office, which makes registration mandatory.

Росфинмониторинг официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

Reporting persons need a Rosfinmonitoring’s personal account to:

  • View the constantly updated “List of terrorists and extremists. ”
  • Check counterparties by performing an online search of the List.
  • See a list of messages about financial transactions that were rejected by Rosfinmonitoring.
  • Send messages about identified violations and submit reports.
  • Register special officials.

Rosfinmonitoring has access statistics for the personal account and the history of operations conducted in it, on the basis of which violations are identified Iteli.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can enter the financial monitoring account in two ways:

  • Standard - through login and password.
  • Automatic - through a qualified electronic signature certificate.

Росфинмониторинг личный кабинет

Registration is allowed on the site:

  • By filling out the questionnaire (individual , Individual entrepreneurs, organizations).
  • Through filling out the questionnaire and using an electronic signature (certification centers, organizations, individuals, individual entrepreneurs).

To use an electronic signature in the system, you need to fulfill a number of requirements from the Instructions for setting up a working computer (available through the Rosfinmonitoring official website):

  • Create a separate Windows user account.
  • Install the software listed in the Instructions for setting up the site, including the plug-in CryptoPro EDS for the browser and the CryptoPro CSP utility.
  • Install and configure certificates from the Instructions.

All registrants report: type of organization, email address and contact phone number. When filling out the application form, individuals and individuals are also required the following data:

  • Surname.
  • Name.
  • TIN.
  • PSRN ( for individual entrepreneurs).
  • License number / registration register number.

The application for legal entities and certification centers must include: legal form, name of organization, TIN and KPP. Certification Authorities accompany the application:

  • Number and date of accreditation certificate.
  • Signature certificate file.
  • CA root certificate file.

After review applications for the email specified in it are sent a login and password.

Legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals who have passed standard registration have the right to restore the password to the web service via email. To do this, open the access recovery section using the button "Forgot your password?" from the login form of the Rosfinmonitoring personal account, enter the login used for authorization, and click the "Submit" button. The system will find the email address by login and send an activation code to it, through which the user can set a new password.

If there is no access to the mailbox, you will need to draw up an official letter about the loss of password, accompanied by a new email address, TIN, the seal of the organization and the signature of the general director. A scan of the letter is sent to Finmonitoring technical support via the feedback form.


Use Rosfinmonitoring personal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. Здравствуйте!Я ИП прошла обучение, зарегистрировала личный кабинет ,сделала электронную подпись и не могу войти в личный кабинет- программа пишет неверен логин или пароль.Подала заявку в тех.поддержку прислали логин и пароль и все равно не могу войти — неверен логин или пароль!!!!!Какие нужно иметь нервы! Инструкция на 34 листах!!! Я что программист или продавец.

  2. Hello! We filled out an application for opening a personal account. We are waiting for the password and login.
    Best regards, Baltic Azure LLC

  3. Hello. I registered, but still have not received a login and password from my personal account

  4. Hello! I am an individual entrepreneur (intermediary services, real estate). Passed training. Geographically - Republic of Crimea. Tell me how to correctly register and open a personal account to submit reports? Do I need an electronic signature and which one?