Personal account of Bank of Russia

Joint-Stock Bank “RUSSIA” is one of the first private universal banks that appeared in the Russian Federation. The Bank renders private clients such services as: lending, opening deposits, issuing plastic cards, conducting operations on the securities market, accepting deposits, and providing comprehensive services. Through the service, a personal account of Bank of Russia, the ABR DIRECT Internet Bank and the same-name mobile application for the Android platform, individuals are also provided with remote services. access to your accounts, deposits, cards, deposits, loans and conduct full-fledged banking operations with them through your Bank of Russia personal account:

Банк Россия официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

Дистанционное обслуживание позволяет клиентам Банка иметь постоянный доступ к своим счетам, вкладам, картам, депозитам, кредитам и проводить полноценные банковские операции с ними через личный кабинет Банк Россия:

  • Get account statements.
  • Open a deposit online. || | 41
  • Оплачивать услуги и совершать переводы клиентам Банка Россия и других банков.
  • Use templates for frequently executed payments.
  • Top up the balance of electronic wallets.
  • Activate the Auto Balance service to automatically maintain the necessary account balance.
  • Activate the “Long Order” service for regular payments and transfers.
  • Block the card and manage the limit to its account.

In the mobile application for Android devices “ABR DIRECT "There is an option to search for the location of Bank of Russia ATMs.

Registration and access to the personal account of Bank of Russia

Remote service from Bank of Russia is considered a separate banking service and is connected when a client submits an application to any service office Bank. Registration of the client in the personal account is carried out by the operator.

The user logs into ABR DIRECT through the login and password received at the Bank’s office when the service was issued, and a one-time SMS password that comes to the client’s mobile number with each authorization. Operations in your account are also confirmed by SMS codes. In the mobile application you can configure the entrance to the Bank of Russia personal account using the pin code selected by the client.

Банк Россия личный кабинет

You can go to the client’s account via the official Bank of Russia website by first clicking on the block with the inscription “Enter the Internet Bank ", And then select the" ABR DIRECT Internet Banking "button in the appeared modal window.

The mobile application of the BANK ROSSIYA developer is installed on the phone from the Google Play application store.

The ability to independently recover data access to the Bank of Russia’s personal account is not provided, so if the user forgets them, only a personal appeal to the Bank’s branch will help to restore the password and login.


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