Personal account of Ugra Bank

PJSC BANK Yugra is a well-known Russian bank that has been operating for more than 25 years. Having started work in the Tyumen region, the credit institution has significantly expanded its geographical representation and continues to do so. The bank positions itself as universal, with a focus on lending to corporate clients and deposits from individuals.

One of the priorities of a credit institution is to provide popular banking products and modern service technologies.

These include the ability to conduct cash transactions remotely using the Ugra personal account.

Банк Югра официальный сайт

The capabilities of the personal account

The Ugra personal account is a service by which registered customers can make transactions around the clock and without visiting the bank’s branches various banking operations and check the status of accounts and deposits. The modern and intuitive interface of Ugra-online provides additional convenience and ease of use of Internet banking. Among the services provided remotely, you can distinguish:

  • View the current status of accounts, deposits and loans.
  • Providing an extract for any of them.
  • Payment of various services of third-party organizations without commission.
  • Ability to configure templates for periodic payments.
  • Payment execution and transfers, including in foreign currency, both intra-bank and inter-bank.
  • Credit calculator.
  • Buying and selling foreign currency.
  • Opening and managing deposits .

Registration and access to your personal account

You can connect to the Ugra-online Internet banking system by writing a corresponding application in any branch of the bank. After that, the username and password are sent to the specified mobile phone number.

Банк Югра личный кабинет

To log in to the personal account of Ugra Bank, you must go to and enter them in the appropriate fields. || | 52

Регистрация личного кабинета Югра Онлайн будет завершена после создания собственного постоянного пароля, при первом входе система сама предложит это сделать. Его необходимо подтвердить, введя СМС-код, высланный на указанный номер.

You can restore the password by calling the support service on the hotline or by repeating the registration procedure.


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