Personal account Modulbank

Modulbank - an Internet bank providing services exclusively to small businesses, whose clients carry out all necessary actions on open accounts through Modulbank's personal account.

The bank is also open in a number of cities in the European part of Russia one office, but customers don’t need to visit them after signing an account opening agreement.

Модульбанк официальный сайт

The owner of an IP or LLC can open an account in a few minutes through the official Modulbank website by filling out a form. After that, the account will receive the details, but will still be inactive.

To conduct transactions on it, you need to come to the bank office or invite a bank employee to your organization’s office, provide the necessary documents (different for individual entrepreneurs and LLC, list can be found in the section “Frequently Asked Questions” on the official website) and execute a contract. MasterCard debit cards are issued to the account.

Personal Account Features

Why is the Personal Account Module Bank convenient for an entrepreneur:

  • Account details are available immediately after registration. || | 43
  • Получение и перевод денег, оплата налогов.
  • Opening deposits at interest.
  • Opening a foreign currency account with a chat message.
  • Passing / conducting currency control with the help of bank employees.
  • Adding new companies under one account.
  • Connecting services by calling the operator or via chat.
  • Alerts to your mobile phone and email about the receipt of money to the account and debiting from the account.
  • Creating employees access at different levels to perform tasks.
  • Weekly invoice reports.
  • Automatic payments.
  • Creating a payment from an invoice photo.
  • Internet accounting for an additional fee.
  • Круглосуточная консультация онлайн с быстрым решением вопроса.

In the personal account of Modulbank a mobile application are available:

  • A complete list of account transactions.
  • Details of receipt and spending money.
  • Confirmation of transfers and payments.
  • General task line.
  • Notifications.
  • Chat with several specialists at the same time. || | 63

Регистрация и вход в личный кабинет

In the main menu of the site there is a link “Logging into the Internet Banking” with an arrow pointer. Logging into the Internet bank is performed through a standard authorization form containing fields for entering a mobile phone and password. By clicking the "Next" button, the user receives a one-time code in SMS, which must be entered in order to get into your personal account.

Модульбанк личный кабинет

Under the authorization form there is a link "Forgot your password?" email, the system itself will determine it after the customer enters the mobile number associated with the account.

To connect to the Internet bank, the module Bank is registered. In the appropriate form, you will need to fill out 3 tabs:

  1. Contacts. Client information: last name, first name, city of residence, email and mobile phone. When moving to the next tab, you will need to enter the verification code received in SMS to the specified number.
  2. Details. Entering the PSRN or BINP of the organization, uploading high-quality photos or scans of documents.
  3. Password. The client must set a reliable password to work with the system.

By completing the registration in your account by signing the contract, the entrepreneur receives an open account, a plastic card and access to it Internet banking.

Get month of free service when opening a current account by link - Open a current account.


Use Modulbank personal account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. НЕ приходит sms с кодом на телефон со вчерашнего дня, заказываю повторно, тишина

  2. In general, everything is cool, but sometimes it takes a very long time to wait for an SMS with a confirmation code, do something with it already

  3. Hello. I closed your account and would like to receive a statement of receipts from April to December 2016. But in Module Bank prices are steeper than in Sberbank. 500 rubles in Sberbank for 3 years, in Module Bank for 7 months 2000 rubles, well, very cool. Although I brought in a place 2 more customers. I won’t make such a mistake again.

  4. Colleagues, someone can send an invitation to open a current account with a new client to receive a free month of service in the Bank module?

  5. Great bank! I opened an account in a couple of hours! No queues and expectations for you, as in Sberbank and other similar banks! Everything is quick and to the point! The attitude and service is great! Feel like a man! As they say, feel the difference! I recommend it to everyone,
    if you indicate that this is a client’s recommendation when you issue an invoice, you and the month of service are free of charge!