MTS Bank personal account

MTS Bank is a bright, recognizable brand. The financial institution is actively expanding and optimizing the retail service network.

MTS Bank’s personal account is the most important tool that allows customers to effectively interact with the financial institution.

МТС Банк официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

High-tech Online services with a high level of convenience allow you to safely carry out operations and control funds. The following operations are available to users in MTS Bank’s personal account:

  • Payment for services and communications (Internet, utilities, mobile, fines, taxes, insurance, television). A complete list of service providers and payment fees is provided on the site.
  • Replenishment of electronic wallets.
  • Obtaining information on all accounts - card, credit, deposit, current.
  • Переводы между картами (в том числе только по номеру карты Visa/MasterCard) и по свободным реквизитам.
  • Replenishment of accounts, deposits, repayment of loans.
  • Creating regular payments, managing the frequency.
  • Lock / unlock cards.
  • Search for branches / ATMs.
  • View news and offers of MTS Bank.

The advantage of transfers through your personal account is in saving due to the low commission. You can transfer funds from card to card within MTS Bank for free.

Registration and access to your personal account

Bank customers can connect MTS Bank Online at an ATM or office (registration via the Internet is not possible) . You can recover the password at the office, ATM, terminal, using the Customer Support Service. For those who are not a client, it is recommended to draw up an MTS Money card (any other product), after which access to MTS Bank Online will be provided immediately.

МТС Банк личный кабинет

Login to your MTS Bank’s personal account in the upper right corner of the site - "Internet bank". By clicking on it, 2 entry options will appear: “For individuals” and “For business”. Private individuals in the appeared login form need to enter a username and password. Upon successful authorization, the user will be on his personal page.


Use your MTS Bank account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

3 reviews

  1. I purchased a MTS-bank card in Ramenskoye, Oktyabrskaya St. 1B for the phone +79169782884. 02/13/2018, an application was made from the MTS office, at the specified address, to receive a login and password, so that he could put money on the card ONLINE and start using the card. But so far I have not received an SMS with a username and password. How long to wait?

  2. Your client asked question about the PIN code, today is already the 19th day and you still cannot answer a simple question. I have the same question on the map, but I think it's easier to go to the nearest MTS office and don’t contact you anymore.

  3. Good afternoon! Please tell me, when buying a phone, I received a MTS Money card, I received an SMS with a username and password, explained that I can pay for purchases with my card, replenish my account, etc., and where should I get a PIN code, like not reported. Tell me where I need to go.

    Thank you.