Personal account Rosbank

Rosbank is among the ten systemically important banks of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, belongs to the group with 150-year history of Societe Generale. Proximity from a distance is a task that a financial institution embodies with the help of online services. For round-the-clock management of your accounts at work or at home, you can use Rosbank's personal account.

Росбанк официальный сайт

The official website of Rosbank on the main page contains a lot of information - both news and with promotional offers. However, you can navigate and start remote work with accounts and payments right away - the banner attracts attention with a bright color against the background of a restrained design.

Features of your personal account

The functions of your personal account are divided into several groups: | || 40

  1. Безналичные операции
    • auto payments;
    • payment for services of more than 1900 companies;
    • payment of taxes and penalties, mobile phone;
    • внутрибанковские/межбанковские переводы в рублях и валюте;
    • money conversion;
    • transfers from card to card, from account to account;
    • replenishment, partial or early demand, cancellation of prolongation of deposit;
    • repayment of loans from Rosbank, Deltacredit and Rusfinance Bank;
    • transfer withdrawal.
  2. Control of funds
    • account and card balance;
    • выписка с детальной информацией за выбранный период;
    • detailed information on the last 5 operations;
    • statement and receipt of basic information on the loan;
    • receiving confirmation documents for the transfer ;
    • application for issuing / reissuing a card;
    • application for a loan.
  3. Security and settings
    • receiving information about the current status of the card;
    • blocking / unblocking the card;
    • connecting the Mobile Bank;
    • setting up the login to the Internet Banking system;
    • generating a digital signature; | || 64
    • изменение логина.

For many tasks, there are screenshots on the bank’s website in the section “Rosbank Internet Banking - Available Operations” where you can see exactly what you need to click in each specific case. This is the advantage of Rosbank, since such clarity is not always found.

Registration and access to your personal account

If the client has a bank card and a mobile phone, registration can happen immediately on the Internet The bank. According to the site, the entire registration procedure takes only a minute. In the registration form, the card data is entered, after which the SMS password is confirmed and the login is formed.

Росбанк личный кабинет

Login is possible in three ways:

  • By Identification card / Login (can be obtained on the website or in contact -center).
  • By mobile number (if there is a service agreement in the Internet Bank system, which indicates the corresponding phone number). An application that generates one-time passwords must be installed on the phone.
  • By the token number (device for generating one-time passwords).

You can restore the password from Rosbank’s personal account to login by login Internet Bank login page. This will require a mobile phone. To enter on an identification card, select the link "Forgot your password?" and enter the PIN2 code of the identification card. Then twice we enter a new password of 8 characters.


Do you use Rosbank personal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Where is the “My Account”? the second month I try to enter - a black screen and that's it. it is impossible to conduct operations on the card, only go to Moscow. When will order be restored ???

  2. The same problems with entering your personal cabinet, like many other users! Everything freezes and if, even you entered your office, then for some reason there is no way out of it !!! What nonsense?!?!?! This is what happens, whoever wants to, will look at your data and use it ???

  3. позорный банк!!!! обслуживание на нулевом уровне!! в личный кабинет невозможно зайти!!! у контактного центра тех.проблемы!!! у вас когда-нибудь нормально бывает??? вы хоть собираетесь вносить коррективы в свою работу??? или вам вообще пофиг????

  4. the bank is terrible. I can not register, do not log in. I wonder how much the actor was paid to advertise this terrible bank ??????????????????????? || 158

  5. It is impossible to register in your personal account - although I’m doing everything right, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY SEE IT IS NOT ONE SUCH A PROBLEM _ This is very bad, the attitude towards it changes immediately to the bank.

  6. It is not possible to register in your personal account. AT THE OFFICE OF THE BANK ADVISE THIS SERVICE. If only we checked that it does not work.

  7. It’s a pity my personal account does not work!!!! Login is simply not possible !!!! Why are you wasting customer time by advertising a non-existing service ????

  8. it’s impossible to log into your account at all. Everything is loaded for a very long time, there is no way even to enter a login