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JSC Russian Standard Bank is one of the largest banks in the Russian lending market, specializing in servicing credit and debit cards. Among his services, consumer loans and deposits, both in rubles and in foreign currency, are also most demanded.

You can manage your personal finances in the most convenient form online, by registering your Russian Standard account.

Банк Русский Стандарт официальный сайт

Possibilities of a personal account

“Russian Standard Bank” provides customers with the opportunity to use all services around the clock and anywhere. A convenient and easy way to manage finances will be available after registration in the Internet banking system Russian Standard. The service provides the following services:

  • Control over personal expenses and other transactions performed both on accounts and cards.
  • Payment of services of various organizations and state institutions without commission.
  • Making contributions to charity organizations.
  • Insurance services.
  • Making money transfers between own accounts and third parties.
  • Registration of a virtual credit card.
  • Deposit management, opening and closing.
  • Application for loans, payment and control of current debts.
  • Receiving personal advantageous offers on bank products.

Registration and access to your personal account

Clients of the bank can access remote banking services by visiting any of their offices once. The service of the personal account of the Russian Standard Bank is activated after the signing of the relevant agreement. An SMS message with login and password comes to the phone number indicated in it. To log in to your personal account, you must enter data from the message into the fields on the first page. The same data is suitable for a mobile application.

Банк Русский Стандарт личный кабинет

Restoring access to the system is available in several ways. One of them is a personal visit to the office with an identity document. Remotely, this is done as follows: you can find out the necessary login and password by calling the hotline.

You can restore the password by knowing the login and digital access code of the Call center from the login page of the office by clicking the “Forgot” button password?". A repeated message will be sent to the number indicated earlier.


Use your personal Russian Standard Bank? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

3 reviews

  1. I want to note the good- professional work of the manager of the Sokol branch, Moscow, Absatarova Svetlana. Customer service draws up quickly, erudite, friendly and charming with visitors. I ask the bank administration to encourage her for her professional work and I wish her and the bank staff a Happy New Year! I wish the bank success in the New Year's work.

  2. Hello, 08/28/2017 I applied to the Russian Standard Bank located in Vladivostok for part of my deposit. Everything was fine, except that the bank employees imposed a deposit card on me, although I said that I was leaving to live in a village where there are no ATMs, especially this bank. They said that it’s okay, just to be on the safe side and plus this is possible when I extend the deposit, it will be a bonus to higher interest on the treasure. At that moment I was in a hurry, because was in transit, there was no time to read the contract. Bank employees did not even bother to inform me that servicing with this card would cost me 900 rubles. For me, this is a large amount, I am a pensioner. Moreover, I do not use a card, physically there is no such possibility. To refuse this service, I need to go to Vladivostok, respectively, the cost of returning there is about 1000 rubles. Question: what to do? I believe that it is not fair to pay for services that you do not use. And the bank does not accept the application in electronic form. It turns out that I, as a client, were simply deceived, ignored information, simply spread, roughly speaking.

  3. I want to know why your bank made a restructuring in April of this year with interest, this is equivalent to the previous loan, they only lasted 5 years with an overpayment of 41,000 rubles. I used to pay two cards in the amount of 700,000 rubles and 800,000 rubles, and now I’m paying for restructuring 1370 rubles. Here I am at the Tinkov bank I pay for restructuring without a single interest, and I am already completing it. In 2015, I owed the bank 61,000 rubles, and due to the fact that the bank paid me a single amount and without interest, I no longer noticeably finish payment, there is only 10,000 rubles left until full repayment. So why is your bank not going to meet the client? Help me do the restructuring without interest. It is very difficult for me to repay 3 loans, in your bank, in Sberbank and in the Tinkov bank, and I’ll always put to hospitals and you have to buy expensive drugs there. what should I eat then? Once again, please enter my position and do a new restructuring.