Personal account SKB-Bank

In order for the holders of accounts, loans or deposits in SKB Bank to have remote access to their banking services, the bank’s specialists created an online banking service for private customers called SKB-online. | || 37

Заведя аккаунт в системе, можно открывать личный кабинет СКБ-Банка с любого компьютера.

СКБ-банк официальный сайт

Personal account features

  • All information about the receipt of money in the account and loan balances , the state of deposits and debts - in the browser window.
  • A transaction history is available with the ability to analyze expenses.
  • Fast money transfer: to SKB-Bank accounts - instantly, to other banks - to during the day, if the bank is working.
  • Payment of services, fines, loans online.
  • Options for saving payment templates and setting the frequency of their execution.
  • Information about location of ATMs and bank branches.
  • Current data on exchange rates.
  • Change the limit on the card and block it.
  • В мобильном банке есть возможность обмениваться мгновенными сообщениями с оператором, в интернет-банке — письмами.
  • You can bind to the card account of another bank and make payments using it.
  • You can order yourself a new card in a few clicks, apply for a loan or deposit.

Payments, made through the personal account of SKB-Bank on the website or from the application, require confirmation by session codes. The client receives a card with a list of these password codes along with an access card from a bank employee when connecting SKB-online. Also, activation of the free “SMS-code” service has become available to customers, with the help of which key codes for the operation will be sent to the mobile via SMS. “SMS-code” can be activated only at the SKB-Bank branch.

Registration and access to your personal account

To access the SKB-online personal account, the user can:

  • Через официальный сайт СКБ-Банк — ссылка на страницу авторизации есть в верхней части сайта в любом его разделе.
  • From the official application for smartphones SKB-online.
  • Typing https in the browser bar : //

СКБ-банк личный кабинет

After the client contacts the bank office with a passport and draws up a comprehensive banking service agreement with connection to SKB-online, it will be registered in the system. At the same time, a bank employee will issue a card with data for authorization.

Self-registration is allowed in a mobile bank for those who have not yet entered into a banking account with SKB Bank. Having set a username and password, and having logged in with their help in your personal account, a new user will immediately find a block with information on how to become a bank customer.

You can conduct operations in the Internet bank by logging into the client’s account with the input of the data received during registration - a unique login and a strong password.

If the login has become known to outsiders, it is best to immediately block access to the Internet bank by calling the hotline, and you will need to name the code word or passport data . You can recover the password by submitting an application to the bank branch, which issued access to SKB-online. The employee must give the client new access cards and transaction confirmation keys.


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  1. Не знаю как быть, т. к. при открытии счёта в банке 2 года назад мне не дали карты. Получается что без неё мне вообще нет никакой возможности зайти в личный кабинет??? Что в таком случае делать?

  2. Some kind of dummies are programmers! It is impossible to enter your personal account,
    there is no such bank in any bank

  3. Impossible Log in to your account. So many complaints about the poor performance of the bank, but in general someone reads these comments. In my opinion this is the voice of one crying in the desert, everything is useless. But before everything was accessible, understandable.

  4. Hello everyone. already as 2 weeks I signed an agreement on opening a rs but I can’t enter my personal account 2 times I went to the bank I took a new login and password no sense .. what to do ?? how to work ... the bank explained that they themselves can’t enter and make a request for an electronic key, but what should I do ?? please understand I am waiting for an answer. otherwise I didn’t have time to use it with such services because I don’t see the point. if employees cannot help ... ..