VTB Bank of Moscow personal account

“VTB Bank of Moscow” - the reorganized “Bank of Moscow”, which joined VTB. Private customers can connect to the Internet and mobile bank by registering a personal account of VTB Bank of Moscow on the website, which will allow them to have quick access to the data of the banking products used and make transactions with them, for example, pay for a number of services without commission and make deposits at an increased rate .

ВТБ Банк Москвы официальный сайт

Personal account capabilities

The VTB Bank of Moscow personal account service was designed so that customers can, without the participation of an operator,:

  • Monitor the status of accounts and deposits, activity status cards.
  • Check charges for utilities, the presence of fines.
  • Pay for purchases and make transfers (intra-bank - for free).
  • Pay for utilities and telecom services without commission , fines and payments in favor of legal individuals and preschool institutions - with a reduced commission of 0.6%.
  • Transfer money to electronic wallets, Troika and Strelka cards, parking personal accounts.
  • Perform P2P transfers to VTB and third-party banks cards.
  • Fill out a loan application and get it online.
  • Attach bank cards of other banks as a means of payment.
  • Connect SMS-informing, change mobile number.
  • Open / close deposits and accounts.

The same functions are provided for the personal account of VTB Bank of Moscow of a mobile bank. The application was created for phones on iOs and Android, the developer is VTB Bank of Moscow. A trusted mobile number must be used to install the application. For devices with root rights, there are restrictions on access to cards and accounts. The mobile application additionally contains information about the location of the Bank's branches and ATMs and the currency exchange rates that are valid in them.

Registration and access to your personal account

When using your personal account through the official site of VTB Bank of Moscow, authorization requires input:

  • Login - the set of characters received from the Bank or the email address of registration.
  • Password set by the user.

ВТБ Банк Москвы личный кабинет

When entering, you can activate the option “Remember login” , which makes sense only when working from your own computer. In the mobile application, it is possible to configure the entrance using an access code of five characters.

Free services Internet banking and a mobile bank are connected in the Bank’s branch or by the user through the site.

  • When registering the service in a login is issued to the bank by the operator, and a temporary password is sent to the customer’s phone.
  • Self-registration of VTB Bank of Moscow client on the site is carried out by:
    • bank card number;
    • number account;
    • to the loan agreement number.

After choosing the appropriate registration method, the user draws up an electronic application for connecting the service, selects a username and password, sets a secret question and answers to it, and confirms the registration by entering SMS code.

VTB Bank of Moscow client has several options for recovering a password or login:

  1. Re-register.
  2. Call the hotline and name the answer to the secret question and get the username or temporary password via SMS.
  3. Contact the department bank with a passport and write an application for a password change.


Пользуетесь личным кабинетом ВТБ Банк Москвы? Оставьте свой отзыв или комментарий о работе организации и ее личного кабинета, а также задавайте свои вопросы.


  1. Целый час пытаюсь войти в личный кабинет. Три раза звонила в банк,с помощью девушек пыталась попасть.Ничего не вышло.Наверное придется менять банк.Поддерживаю Ирину. .

  2. The bank is terrible !!! They work without straining, but my review is required. Here is my review: I can’t get into my personal account when I need it; This situation has been repeated for several months. I enter the numbers all right! The bank branch also barely move! I ordered a reissue of the card, they promised to call back within 10 days, but there were no SMS or calls to me. You can’t get through to the bank branch, just nobody picks up the phone !!! and when I got through, they said that they did not have access to the program to find out about the readiness of my card and were offered to come to the department !!! ??? I arrived, sat in the queue for 40 minutes, they issued a card. Gentlemen, you are wasting my time and money !!!! Yes, by the way, I had to pay 600 rubles to reissue the card. and do not get any information after that. Full spit on customers !!!

  3. Periodically I can’t get into my personal cabinet. I enter everything correctly. Now I've been sitting for an hour, I can’t transfer the money! Gentlemen - VTB employees, what the hell is that? There is no time! Adjust your system! Or a bank or something to change ...

  4. I can not go into my personal account . Several attempts were unsuccessful ((The code sent by SMS to the phone was entered correctly. There is an error.

    • Если ранее все приходило нормально — подождите, скорее всего временные трудности с отправкой СМС сообщений.

  5. К сожалению три попытки входа в интернет-банк втб не увенчались успехом!((( Выдает ошибку, хотя код, который приходит на сотовый ввожу верно. Ранее (менее месяца назад) проблем не возникало! Очен плохо! не могу перевести деньги, которые ждет ребенок…

  6. Today is the last day of paying the loan and you have a professional job. What to do?