Personal account of VTB 24 Business

VTB24 Business - a program of banking services to legal entities. The personal account of VTB 24 Business makes it possible to work in the VTB24 Business Online online bank. Service is constantly being improved: its design is updated, its functionality is expanded. The latter is duplicated in a mobile bank with some restrictions on signing documents. Users can familiarize themselves with the functionality of their personal account through demo access.

ВТБ 24 Бизнес официальный сайт

Personal account features

Representatives of the organization are allowed to interact with the bank through their personal account VTB 24 Business:

  • View information on the details and status of legal entity accounts, the movement of funds on them.
  • Send applications for conversion operations at the online rate.
  • Perform actions with documents: search by period and name, sign electronic signature and send it to contractors, export from accounting programs, create new ones using templates from directories.
  • Generate electronic statements for printing.
  • Track information on loan products.
  • Lead a salary project.

Registration and access to your personal account

For new customers, the site is pre-registered, which is divided into 2 stages:

  1. The user fills out a short form in which the TIN is reported, short name of organization and minimum number of signatures (1 or 2). By submitting a questionnaire, he submits an application for pre-registration and receives a secret word.
  2. When entering the personal account of VTB 24 Business under the TIN and the secret word, the user must indicate the data of persons from the card of the sample of signature of the legal entity. A login and password will be sent to them by email, by which you need to enter your personal account, request ES keys, print this request and sign it. Upon completion of these steps, the user who initiates the registration must print out the “Act on putting the system into operation” from the personal account.

The representative of the organization must submit an application for comprehensive servicing to the physical branch of the bank and documents printed through the VTB personal account 24 Business - requests for certification of electronic key and act on putting the system into operation. An account will be opened for the organization, and after receiving ES certificates, you can start using the Internet bank.

ВТБ 24 Бизнес личный кабинет

To work in the system, Java software, Java applet and ActiveX component for Internet Explorer browser must be installed on the computer (if work will be done through this browser). Download links are available through the official site of VTB 24 Business on the login page of the VTB24 BO client bank, along with instructions on checking for software on the computer, installing and configuring.

You can log in to the client bank via:

  • Login, password, path to the directory of the key medium of the cryptographic information protection system, secret key password and one-time SMS code (“Login” tab).
  • TIN, identifier (for a single TIN in different VTB24 offices) and the secret word (“My Account” tab).
  • Touch-ID (in the application).

When using authorization through the first tab, you can recover your password using your mobile phone by login, accompanying the request by entering captcha.


Do you use your personal account of VTB 24 Business? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.