2KOM personal account

2KOM Company LLC is the largest Internet provider in the Moscow Region. Having its own fiber-optic data channel, the company provides its customers with the highest quality communication services: Internet access, cable and digital television, fixed line. Also on the official website, a 2KOM personal account is available for subscribers, which allows you to receive most of the services online without visiting the company’s office and without waiting for a telephone operator’s response. - Convenience, ease of use and time saving. Among the options available to your 2KOM personal account, you can highlight the following:

2КОМ официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

Основные достоинства удаленного управления подключением – удобство, простота использования и экономия времени. Среди опций, которыми располагает личный кабинет 2КОМ, можно выделить следующие:

  • View statistics on connection, expenses and the current cash balance in the subscriber’s account.
  • Refill the balance with a bank card, electronic money, and even from a mobile phone account.
  • Connecting and disconnecting services.
  • Possibility to change the current tariff plan, Internet speed.
  • Connecting and managing the “parental control” service. | ||
  • Participation in special promotions and bonus programs for subscribers.
  • Getting advice from technical support specialists.
  • Viewing current company news.

Registration and entry to your personal account

Registration of a personal account on the site is available to subscribers of the company who have a valid contract for the provision of services. Data for logging into your 2KOM personal account (login and password) is provided upon signing documents with a company representative. Logging into your account can be done from the page https: //2kom.ru/lk/ or by clicking on the appropriate link from the main page of the official site located in the upper right corner. || | 51

2КОМ личный кабинет

В случае необходимости также можно восстановить пароль онлайн, нажав кнопку «Забыли пароль?» на странице входа в личный кабинет 2КОМ. Для этого следует ввести номер абонентского договора, а также мобильный телефон в соответствующие поля открывшейся страницы. Новые данные для входа в кабинет будут высланы в СМС-сообщении. Воспользоваться ими можно сразу, после получения.


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3 reviews

  1. When at last you figure out why by typing the correct username and password I can’t enter my personal account and how many times I need to contact you about this completely ignoring the client’s request.

  2. the subscriber 127431 contacted you several times and you still did not help me in that I can’t enter my personal account by dialing the correct password, although you gave me the application number No. 1848823, but I couldn’t get in any way ...

  3. Contract with 2KOM No. 223418. I pay 290 for the tariff and 120 rubles for the additional service a static address to remotely monitor the operation of the DVR, which is connected through a modem to your Internet 2 KOM. Since November 1, this opportunity has been absent. An application was issued on November 1, 2017 No. 1845609 Your master came several times, changed the connection points on your device, and again there was not even the Internet, not to mention the remote connection to the DVR. They promised compensation for the lack of communication. The application was illegally closed on 08.11., But there was no Internet and on 10.11.2017 opened a new application 1877756. And where is the result?
    So far 11/18/2017 I have not deleted the DVR, the connection of the static address is apparently confused, and therefore I do not remotely see my DVR and there is no certainty that the Internet is connected at all. +7 (964) 527-87-83 Albert Georgievich