Personal account Bashinformsvyaz

Bashinformsvyaz PJSC is a telecommunications company, the largest in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The organization’s portfolio includes a full range of services provided to both private clients and organizations. High-speed Internet, telephony, cable and IP-television, as well as cost-effective integrated solutions for business. A convenient round-the-clock service is available for subscribers of the company on the official website - the Bashinformsvyaz personal account, which allows you to get most of the offered services remotely, at a convenient time and without leaving your home.

Башинформсвязь официальный сайт

Personal Account Features

Personal Account Bashinformsvyaz differs in usability and functionality. Among the options available to online registered subscribers, the most popular are:

  • Checking the current status of the subscriber account.
  • Refilling the balance with a bank card directly on the site.
  • Connection of additional services (SMS-informing, parental control and others).
  • Management of current connections, changing the tariff plan to a more suitable one, temporary suspension of service.
  • Viewing statistical data (traffic consumption, network connection time).
  • Checking the current connection speed.
  • Participation in the bonus program, company promotions, receiving special offers and current news .
  • Various reference information.
  • Registration of corporate mail on the provider's server.
  • The ability to ask the support service via correspondence.

Registration and entrance to your personal account

Registration of a personal account for all subscribers who have existing contracts for the provision of telecommunication services is not required. When filling out documents for connection, new customers are provided with a login and password.

Башинформсвязь личный кабинет

You can get access to your Bashinformsvyaz personal account by entering them and the last three digits of the subscription agreement, as well as a special digital code for protection against robots, in the appropriate fields on the main the cabinet page and clicking the "Login" button.

You can recover the password from the personal section of the site by contacting the support service at the indicated numbers or by visiting the company’s office personally.


Use your personal account Bashinformsvyaz? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Нам подключили по акции 440 в месяц с роутером, мы так и платили. А мне потом приходит смс типа 1500 задолжали.не доплачивали.и как это понять?

  2. The worst company! Invoicing unreasonably! With great relief I’m leaving for another company, Previously I couldn’t, t, they only served the house.

  3. I can’t enter my personal account by login and password, contract 689626482.
    without my consent, they turned on parental control and protection.
    I have Kaspersky the children became adults for a long time

  4. Why is it not possible to go to your personal account? How do tariffs change? At your discretion?

  5. So poor service, cheating every month, personal account do not enter, each time the tariffs rise, why and who is responsible for it?

  6. In June, they filed an application to disable the antivirus, a message was sent to the mail that the application was accepted. In July, the bill for the antivirus is again in the bill. We will not pay. As soon as possible, we’ll leave another operator.

  7. Tariffs are constantly growing, are included in account additional paid services that I did not order - various antiviruses, and so on. It’s impossible to reach the phone number.

  8. The worst company. work, give way to another service provider. Tariffs are constantly growing and quality is not what.

  9. very poor service and cheating monthly. I asked to disconnect the “your movie” package back in February, they gave me the number of the application for auto-shutdown, they said that you wouldn’t pay in March, but today I’m getting the bill, and again the bill for this packet. What kind of shamelessness, guys? Do you think that if I am a senior citizen and don’t understand anything, how much can I cheat? so they rob us all around, and you want to become a hangover? I won’t pay for your “your movie” package. I don’t really look at your zombie box. And you want me to pay for it, no, come, DISCONNECT !!

  10. I see that I am not the first, that more than 20 attempts to enter my personal account failed / denied login, then password, then check digits /. This is all under the telephone control of the operator. But at the same time, the operator did this operation on a service cop. and he succeeds, but it’s not easier for me from what he does. But the funny thing is that I wanted to see in the office an exposition of my subscription agreement, since the installer did not give it to me / reason - did they have a cartridge?? /. I asked the operator to see it, since he went into my l / cab, but it turns out there is no such section. I ask you to look further at the history of moss payments and cash receipts, and this also does not exist. So why do I need a personal account if my personal history of relations with the company is not reflected. At the same time, I am looking for the advance disappeared without a trace 3000 =. Conclusion - drop everything and leave the village for Ufa to look for money. By the way, I got through and the specialist “cut off” me: “You should not pay an advance.” What? And everyone is broadcasting about digitalization. I have a feeling that I turned to my personal account and a finance specialist at a shawarma kiosk.
    And last, a hefty envelope arrived by mail at my request WHERE MY MONEY? and in the attachment a photocopy of the blind agreement / where their cartridge has ended / it’s just ridiculous to look at pieces of paper smeared with black lines and because they are referred to as the terms of the agreement / thanks to the specialist of the client EXPERIENCE and service department G.M.Safina /. They enclosed a register indicating the balance of funds / without lost 3,000 rubles /, the figure in the mail receipt was similar, but not the same, and the telephone operator announced a completely different figure.
    “Asks in the book of problems” I concluded an agreement s "PJSC" Bashinformsvyaz "- a telecommunications company, which is the largest in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The organization’s portfolio contains a full range of services provided to both private clients and organizations ”or, nevertheless, with a shawarma kiosk.

  11. 1. I just can’t enter and register in my personal account. According to your instructions, I must type in the login and password that I was given when connecting to the Internet, the last three digits of the personal account and the picture code. How many times did I always answer the one that I didn’t type the personal account numbers and password correctly.
    2. I called the support service on my home phone and cell phone, the answering machine tells me that my duty is on 18.03. 2019 amounts to 860.02 rubles and 520.77 rubles, respectively. Why the numbers are different. Tariff plan 3 in 1 “My Republic” The amount should not exceed 560 rubles.

  12. How can I leave people paying for services of Bashinformsvyaz OJSC to leave without television during the New Year holidays ? Disgusting work. There is no way to enter your personal account. You can’t reach the technical support phone numbers ...

  13. only complexity has changed since 2010 entrance to the LC. It looks like a makeshift work of a young programmer. The tariff does not change, no tools. It’s good to be a monopolist. There are no complaints about the work. Not a single break. Tighten the service and details and it will be normal.

  14. disgusting attitude towards users! invoices send wrong! the third time I am writing a complaint, but they are not even considered!

  15. It is impossible to enter personal account for paying for telephone and television, always writes that the username or password is incorrect. Why such a flaw? Again, what to go in line to get in the mail?

  16. Good afternoon. | || 245
    Попыталась зарегистрировать личный кабинет. Не получилось, хотя по описанию услуги: «Регистрация личного кабинета для всех абонентов, имеющих действующие договоры на оказание телекоммуникационных услуг, не требуется».
    I have had a landline phone for more than 10 years, at that time my login and password
    I do not use other services.

    In accordance with Bank of Russia Ordinance dated 12.11.2009 No. 2332-U (as amended on 02.06.2016) “On the list, forms and the procedure for compiling and submitting reporting forms of credit organizations to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation ”(Registered in the Ministry of Justice of Russia on December 16, 2009 N 15615) (as amended and supplemented, entered into force on 01.10.2016)“ ”... V.9. Telecommunication services (codes 752, 753, 754) include: transmission of sound information, images and other information streams through cable, radio, relay or satellite communication systems, including telephone, telegraph and telex, rental services of communication lines, sound transmission networks , images and data. This type of service includes the services of organizations that provide Internet access ... ” the provision of telephony services relates to telecommunication services.

    The description of the Personal Account does not contain information on how to connect it to those who have not been given a login and password. Is it possible to do this on the site or will I have to go to the office with a username and password?
    Going to the department just for this is inconvenient.

    Thank you.

  17. WE ARE FROM THE CITY OF STERLITAMAK. RELIEFNAYA St. 30-28-24..we have a very big problem with television ... we pulled the cable half a year ago .. constant jumps and for half an hour it doesn’t show .. we contacted 5 times from each house ... there are no results .. and the operators are rude. .can I get to the authorities .. write ... Oleg196144 @

  18. Хрен войдёшь в кабинет, хоть лопни два раза.
    “Wrong picture code”