Personal account Business Business is a set of telecom services that meet the needs of corporate clients, from a reputable Internet service provider. The range of services is represented by products and turnkey solutions. Using the service, a personal account for Business users can manage expenses and configure the parameters of the services used.

Дом ру Бизнес официальный сайт

Features of a personal account

Web interface personal account for Business allows you to specify: | || 39

  • Реквизиты договора.
  • Personal account balance.
  • Set payment type.
  • Contact details for communication with the personal manager.
  • Technical support number.

In addition, a number of operations corresponding to the type of connected service are available through your personal account. Using the electronic service, the corporate client can:

  • Request a change in the tariff plan.
  • Activate the promised payment.
  • Select a new connection protocol.
  • View a detailed version of the account.
  • Follow the statistics of the tariff plan.
  • Configure the rules by which numbers will be registered in the cloud PBX.
  • Configure content filtering for Internet access.
  • Add reverse zones by matching IP addresses and domains.
  • Set call forwarding from office phones.
  • Наблюдать за статистикой по интересующим временным интервалам и логинам.

Registration and access to your personal account

Access to your personal account for corporate clients is provided through the official website of Business - a separate section of the main operator’s site. Using the link from the top menu of the site, you will be redirected to a page containing an authorization form and an online chat on customer issues.

To enter the management and accounting services, an organization representative must follow the following procedure:

  • Выбрать вкладку нужной услуги:
    • Internet.
    • Phone.
    • Video surveillance.
    • Cloud PBX.
  • Select a city and enter authorization data:
    • For the Internet and Video Surveillance tabs, login and password.
    • For the Phone and Cloud PBX tabs, the number and PIN code.

Все реквизиты для входа в личный кабинет Дом.ру Бизнес содержатся в информационном листе, который выдается корпоративным клиентам при подключении услуги.

Дом ру Бизнес личный кабинет

The authorization page is equipped with a “Remind password” button, which goes to the access code recovery section and login. The system will provide an opportunity to reset the password after the user fills out all the tabs of the electronic form with the necessary details.

You can also restore access data to your personal account when contacting the Business office with a power of attorney and a passport or an alternative document, able to verify identity.


Use your personal account Business? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.