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“FreeDom” is the most famous Internet provider in Voronezh, which has been providing the population with a full range of telecommunication services for more than 25 years: high-speed Internet access via fiber optic network, telephony, cable and IPTV television, as well as various solutions for offices. Excellent communication, advantageous package offers and high quality service make the company a reliable partner for both business and individuals. For registered subscribers on the official website there is a remote service service - a Freedom personal account, which allows you to get most of the services without leaving your home.

Фридом официальный сайт

Personal account features

Freedom personal account is a simple and convenient way to manage your own connection, available around the clock from any device with Internet access. The main options that are present in the cabinet’s functionality:

  • View up-to-date information on the subscriber’s personal account.
  • Pay for the services provided on the site by bank transfer.
  • Familiarization with the cost of the selected tariff plan and connected additional services.
  • Connection management (changing the current tariff plan, freezing, connecting and disconnecting additional options).
  • Viewing information about payments made.
  • Setting additional methods of informing.
  • View statistics on connections to the Internet access node.
  • Make changes to the actual profile data.

Register and enter your personal account

Register your personal account for company customers is not required. The necessary data (account name and password) in order to log into your FreeDom account is provided upon conclusion of a contract for the provision of telecommunication services.

Фридом личный кабинет

In the future, if necessary, you can change the password to a more convenient one by selecting on the main page cabinet section of the menu "Change Password". To complete this operation, you will need to specify an account name and a valid password in the appropriate fields, and then create a new password with confirmation and click the "Send" button.

You can restore the password only by contacting the technical support service by phone below or during a personal visit to the company’s office.


Do you use your Freedom account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. Почему для восстановления доступа в личный кабинет нужно ехать к вам в офис. Нельзя это сделать с помощью мобильного телефона или почты?