Personal account of KGTS

Kostroma City Telephone Network OJSC (KGTS) is a telecom operator whose history began with the conduct of telephone networks in Kostroma at the end of the 19th century. Today the list of operator services includes such network technologies as: VOIP-telephony, high-speed Internet, ISDN service integration, web hosting, VPN-networks, cable TV. The personal account of KGTS allows subscribers to control their personal account. Employees of companies and residents of Kostroma, Volgorechensk and Kostroma Region can request the connection of KHTS services.

КГТС официальный сайт

Possibilities of a personal account

The interface of the personal section of a subscriber is represented by the following functions:

  • Информация о произведенных начислениях, внесенной и зачисленной оплате.
  • Data on an active Internet session.
  • Service usage statistics.
  • Connect your friend affiliate program.
  • Creating mailboxes on the operator’s domain.
  • Activating the Promised Payment option, which allows deferring an advance payment by 5 days.
  • Replenishing the balance from a bank card account ( online acquiring is provided by Promsvyazbank).
  • Antiviruses at a special price.
  • Selection and change of tariff.
  • Blocking services for a certain period of non-use.
  • Bonuses and options - accounting and activation. | || 50
  • Подключение услуги «Статический IP адрес.»

Registration and access to your personal account

For customers who are not yet subscribers, registration of connection applications is carried out on the site. The application form is a three-dimensional questionnaire requesting:

  • Name of organization / last name, first name, middle name of the contact person.
  • Phone - landline or mobile.
  • Full address - from the name of the settlement to the floor.
  • Type of connection.
  • Tariff plan of connection.
  • For TV services, the number of connected TVs.

Подав заявку через официальный сайт КГТС, клиент должен подтвердить ее при поступлении звонка от сотрудника компании-провайдера и назначить дату прибытия мастеров.

After the client draws up the connection documented, he will be given the access data to his personal account KGTS, which he can use immediately.

To enter the section containing personal information about the personal account of the subscriber, you must specify a username and password. For subscribers who have Internet connection from KGTS, these credentials coincide with the details for establishing an Internet connection. Logging into the subscriber’s account can also be done by IP by clicking the corresponding button on the authorization page.

There is no link in the authorization form to reset the password. If you have problems accessing your personal account, you must contact the subscriber’s office employee at the provider's office. In this case, it is enough for an individual to present a passport, while a representative of the organization is required to submit a statement and a power of attorney for the right to act on behalf of the head.


Do you use your personal account with KTS? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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