Rosintel’s personal account

CJSC Rosintel is a universal telecommunications operator in the Tula region, which provides a wide range of telecommunication services. Rosintel's personal account is a good opportunity for the company's customers to get acquainted with the list of its services better. By concluding a cooperation agreement, each user receives a company card, thanks to which he can further resolve issues online without visiting the office.

Росинтел официальный сайт

Options for your personal account

Options that include Rosintel’s personal account, give the following features:

  • Monitoring the status of the user's personal personal account.
  • Generating a report on crediting and debiting funds.
  • Displaying information about all connected services, tariffs, as well as a complete list of current tariff plans.
  • Creating an online request to managers regarding the connection and disconnection of services, changing the current tariff plan.
  • Contacting Rosintel technical support to quickly resolve problems.
  • Receive information about new promotions and special offers of the provider.
  • Updates of personal profile data, if they have changed.

Using the functionality of their profile correctly, in addition to the full range of services, customers also receive branded bonuses. Having studied the functionality of the online account and using the provided opportunities, the client can independently control his expenses and perform operations without a personal presence in the provider's office.

Registration and entrance to your personal account

Registration and entry into Rosintel’s personal account is as simple as possible: the user does not need to additionally submit documents or provide personal data to the provider. There is also no need to activate the account at the first login.

Росинтел личный кабинет

To enter the account through the Rosintel official website, just go to the “My Account” section and enter the login and password combination that are indicated on the individual client’s card in the window that appears. You can get it by concluding an agreement at one of Rosintel's offices to receive company services. Absolutely all Rosintel customers who have concluded a contract receive a login and password. Whether or not to use your personal account is a personal decision of everyone.

In case of losing a personal card, it is possible to contact technical support and reset the password to Rosintel’s personal account by providing data from a previously concluded agreement.


Do you use Rosintel's personal account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.