Personal account of Tagil Networks

Internet Service Provider “Tagil Networks” is one of the largest in Nizhny Tagil, distinguished by its reliability, high quality of services and excellent service. The company specializes exclusively in access to the Internet, which allows us to pay maximum attention to quality, service and related services: coverage area, professional support, numerous subscriber network resources and an informative forum, providing citizens with free Wi-Fi in the most visited places. For subscribers of the provider, the official website of Tagil Network and a mobile application are available that provide the opportunity to get most of the services online.

Сети Тагила официальный сайт

Features of your account

Using the convenient and functional personal account of the Tagil Network, network subscribers can, at any convenient time and from any device that supports Internet access, perform the following operations:

  • View the current status of the subscriber’s personal account.
  • Top up the balance using a bank card or electronic money online directly on the site or in the application without commission.
  • View the conditions of the current connection.
  • Internet speed control.
  • Familiarization with current tariff plans and, if necessary, switching to a more suitable one.
  • Registration mobile phone numbers to gain access to the personal account of the mobile application.
  • Receive individual offers, participate in the bonus program and sweepstakes.
  • Connect additional services (informing, "Children's Internet" and so on ).
  • View help information.
  • Get advice from a technical support specialist.

Register and enter your account

Register your account on the site as such is not required - access to the personal section is provided to all registered customers of the company by default.

Сети Тагила личный кабинет

Login to the Tagil Network account using the login and password provided when signing the contract for the provision of telecommunication services.

Recover password from personal section or it is possible on the site by selecting the appropriate section when entering the office or in the mobile application, as well as by contacting customer support.


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