Personal account Speed ​​Line

The Speed ​​Line communications provider is part of the Virgin Connect group of companies and serves subscribers in the Moscow Region. Services, which include: unlimited and limit Internet, digital television, including those with the ability to view on a computer, telephone communications, can be ordered as home and corporate. Speedline Personal Account is an Internet service for subscribers of the company through which remote account replenishment and several other useful functions are implemented.

СпидиЛайн официальный сайт

Personal Account Features

Subscribers use Speed-Line personal account to:

  • See the list of connected services and statistics on them.
  • Activate the “Trust payment” service, which allows you to use the Internet for an additional 7 days after the due date before payment is made.
  • Просмотреть документы и текст оферты на предоставляемые услуги.
  • Deposit funds to a subscriber personal account online from a bank card, mobile, via Comepay and QIWI payment systems, through the Unified Wallet payment service.
  • Увеличивать скорость интернета до 100 Мбит/с по Турбо Кнопке на 12 часов в день.

You can also leave a review on the company’s website without using Speedline’s personal account, just log in using your Vkontakte, Facebook or Odnoklassniki account. After writing a review, the subscriber has the right to participate in the drawing of incentive prizes from Virgin Connect Group of Companies and partners.

Registration and entrance to your personal account

All current provider’s clients get free access to the Speed- personal account Line.

СпидиЛайн личный кабинет

Requests for connecting telecom services are accepted through the company’s website and by phone. New customers can leave a request on the site via the “Connect” electronic form, which is located on the right side of the main and internal pages of the site. It is required to add:

  • Region.
  • Client name.
  • Full address.
  • Email.
  • Contact number.

It is also possible to specify the details of a friend who recommended contacting the company so that he receives bonuses under the affiliate program. As soon as the company’s employees will register the application, they will contact the client to confirm the connection time.

The button through which the user logs in to Speedline is located next to the top menu of the site and is marked with a key icon. Access to the account is opened to the user after he enters:

  • Login - the subscriber’s mobile number associated with his contract for the provision of services.
  • Password, which is initially issued by the provider, but later can be replaced by the subscriber.

The new password instead of the forgotten one is set by the user independently through the official Speed ​​Line website. The last line on the page for entering your personal account is the link “Forgot your password?”. Having activated it with a mouse click, the subscriber enters the mobile number associated with the contract and the account and immediately receives a message with a code on it. Before the system allows you to recover the password, you must enter this SMS code in the corresponding line of the recovery form.


Do you use your Speed ​​Line personal account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Мы жители города Можайска неоднократно обращались в службу поддержки по поводу работы интернета, но слышим пустые отговорки, что инженер не может попасть на подстанцию чтобы исправить неполадки. Просим принять меры по устранению неисправностей в ближайшее время!

  2. Hello ! I am a subscriber of this company. Unfortunately I will explain.
    When, I connected to Speed ​​Line, and this was a long time ago, everything was fine. Not any problems and complaints. But, lately, it's just a nightmare. And, it’s still very softly said. One “Russian folklore” asks for language!
    Not only is there no connection and we are sitting without the Internet. Masters do not come, although several times left a request. Operators are rude, talking in elevated tones. As if I called her home. You hang on the phone for 2-3 hours to get through and then Dynamo starts: “Wait, I'll connect you to the operator now.” Tin.
    I wrote a refund application. And it started! This is not so, it is not right here. Wait, your application will be reviewed within 70 days. Why not consider the application for 2 years ?! To disconnect a client or take money from him, it takes 22 minutes. And how to return to the client, His very day - so wait! Well, I’m waiting for this epic to end.
    So think about Connecting or No.

  3. при оплате через сбербанк онлайн сколько времени проходит до зачисления на счет?

  4. It’s very bad when you want to pay you can’t access your personal account even from another Internet .. and even worse you can’t pay with a sber card, like everyone else

  5. I can’t enter my personal account for payment, the password change program is soooooooooooooo ..