Personal Account Loan Center

The MFI “Center of Loans” is a Russian credit organization that provides small loans to the population without guarantors. Distinctive features of the Center's activity are the ability to choose an individual program for a loan, as well as the provision of cash. To receive them, you must contact the company office or order delivery home or to the place of work. The Personal Center of the Loans, available on the official website, allows you to take advantage of the company and get the necessary money.

Центр Займов официальный сайт

The possibilities of your personal account

The Personal Account of the Loan Center is a convenient and reliable service for filling out an application to receive funds, available around the clock and anywhere. In addition, its registration provides a number of advantages:

  • The ability to re-apply using the previous data.
  • Making changes to personal data when changing them.
  • View current debt.
  • Repayment of the loan, including ahead of schedule.
  • View information about current loan programs.
  • Receive news and special offers.

Register and enter your personal account

There are two ways to register a personal account for the Loan Center:

  • By selecting the appropriate menu item in the upper right corner of the site.
  • By filling out a form on the main page with a choice of the loan amount and term.

The registration sequence in both cases is the same. A small questionnaire is filled out, containing basic data: name, date of birth, passport data, registration address and actual place of residence, phone number and email address. You can also immediately choose the method of receiving cash: at the office, home delivery, delivery to work.

In the corresponding column at the bottom of the page, after reading the document proposed by the link, a checkmark is placed on the agreement with the rules for the provision of the service. An SMS message with a verification code is sent to the indicated phone number, after which the entrance to the Loan Center personal account becomes available.

Центр Займов личный кабинет

You can reset the password if necessary by clicking on the appropriate link from the personal account login page. To restore it, you will need to enter the phone number and email address specified during registration.


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