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Narodnaya Kazna is a microcredit agent focused on issuing loans to individuals online. Credit products are sold around the clock. Loans are issued to citizens of Russia who have reached the age of 21 subject to the provision of personal and passport data. The borrower will be required to have a Visa / MasterCard or an account in virtual payment systems.

It is possible for the client to provide an instant loan for a period of up to 30 days with an upper lending limit of 15,000 rubles with a possible increase in the “credit ceiling” for subsequent loans . It is possible to receive a credit transfer through a bank card, bank account, Qiwi or Contact payment systems.

In order to start online work with the microcredit system, register your personal account with the National Treasury. == Possibilities of a personal account

Народная Казна официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

A user who has registered a personal account of Narodnaya Kazna receives the following functionality:

  • Receiving / repaying a loan.
  • Viewing a loan statement.
  • Drawing up financial documents and printing them.
  • Help from an online consultant.
  • Participation in a promotional program that allows you to reduce the size of the payment.
  • The ability to instantly receive repeated microloans.
  • Online submission applications for early repayment of the loan.

Registration and entry into the personal account

Entrance to the personal account of Narodnaya Kazna is carried out by entering a unique combination of “login + password + date of birth” and is available to individuals having a history of credit operations in the service.

Народная Казна личный кабинет

The registration process begins with the selection of credit conditions and then click on the link “Fill out an application for the selected amount and term”. Then in the opened form you need to enter the contact and personal data. It is necessary to provide:

  • E-mail and contact phone number.
  • Name.
  • Information about TIN and SNILS.
  • Address of residence. | || 55
  • Данные паспорта гражданина РФ.
  • Data of the current bank card / bank account.
  • Information about the place of work.

To reset the password in the interface The personal treasury’s personal account has a link “Forgot password.”


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