Personal account of Union Finance

Union Finance is a microfinance organization that works only with individuals and helps them solve short-term financial problems by issuing loans in the amount of 5,000 to 100,000 rubles for an average period of 26 weeks. You can apply for a loan by phone or by filling out an application on the site. The client himself chooses how the money will be transferred to him - to a bank card, bank account or to the office of the Contact system. Union Finance Account - a web application for borrowers that provides information access to loan data.

Юнион Финанс официальный сайт

Personal Account Options

Information that can be viewed through Union Finance Account:

  • Date of receipt of the loan.
  • Amount with interest payable.
  • Dates and amounts of repayment of the microloan.
  • The loan balance and the term for its full repayment .
  • The amount of the loan overpayment.
  • Journal of payments made.
  • Data on late payments and penalties assigned to them.
  • Electronic version loan agreement.

When applying again, the borrower does not need to fill out the questionnaire again - a quick loan order form is available to him through a personal account.

You cannot pay the loan online, but using your personal account it is convenient to specify the number of the contract that is needed when repaying the loan in cash at the terminals and offices of Union Finance partners, and the exact repayment amount.

Registration and entrance to the personal account

You can open the authorization section in your Union Finance personal account from each page of the site using the “Personal account” link from the main menu. Login to the service is carried out in 2 stages:

Enter the borrower’s mobile number, click the “Login” button.
Enter the one-time verification code that will come to this number.

Юнион Финанс личный кабинет

При каждом входе в личный кабинет Юнион Финанс заемщик использует новый код доступа. Постоянный пароль не выдается клиенту, чтобы избавить его от необходимости искать способы восстановить пароль, если он его забудет или потеряет.

You can only request a loan by phone hotline, but to get it and sign the contract, you will need to meet with a representative organization. Contacting the company for a loan through the official website of Union Finance involves filling out an electronic application.

The application form includes the fields:

  • Loan amount.
  • City. || | 58
  • Фамилия, имя, отчество.
  • Date of birth.
  • Gender
  • Phone.
  • Email. | || 63

Кроме того, заполняя форму, заявитель подтверждает, что у него есть:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  • Permanent registration of the Russian Federation.

And agrees with:

  • Data transfer.
  • Sending a request for his credit history to the BCI.
  • Terms of the offer and the use of electronic signature.

After after the borrower sends the completed form, the operator will contact him within 15 minutes to clarify the details. If you decide to provide a loan to the borrower, an employee of the company will approach him with documents or provide a code for receiving cash at the Contact office.


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