Your account in your pocket

“Vkarmane” or Microfinance Company LLC “Joy Money” LLC is one of the Internet organizations that issue small loans for the term “to salary”. When you first contact the company, you can take no more than 7000 rubles with a fixed rate of 2.17% per day for using a loan, after successful repayment of the loan - up to 20 000 rubles.

The borrower receives money for a Visa / Mastercard plastic card , bank account or through Zolotaya Korona Bank - to a card or at the office of one of the points.

The application is processed through your personal account Vkarmane - a web service presented on the company's website.

Вкармане официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

Access to a personal account A borrower needs to:

  • Make a request for a microloan.
  • View the contract number, history of loan operations, term repayment, interest, overpayment.
  • Update personal data if changes have occurred.
  • Save and print the payment receipt with the details in your pocket to pay the loan through the bank.
  • Register a bank card to receive a loan amount on it.
  • To repay a loan online from the balance of a plastic card tied to your personal account automatically or from any other MasterCard / Visa card, as well as from a QIWI wallet.
  • To prolong the loan repayment period and pay interest for the days of actual use .

Registration and access to your personal account

In order to start using your personal account, registration on the Vkarmane website is required. You can go to the registration section if you select the necessary values ​​on the lines “amount” and “term” on the main page of the site and click the “Get Money” button. The system will ask the user to indicate the mobile number and confirm it by entering the code that came in the SMS. Next, you will need to enter personal data in the questionnaire, after analysis of which the employees will make a decision on the issuance of a microloan:

  • Last name, first name, passport details.
  • Registration and residence address. = Source and amount of income.
  • Источник и размер дохода.
  • Marital status, children.
  • How to get the loan amount (to a card, account or through the Golden Crown).

Password , through which the user will log in to his personal account Vkarmane, will be sent to the mobile number indicated by him.

Vkarmane informs the client about the decision to issue a microloan via SMS. To receive money, the client agrees to the conditions for granting him a loan by entering the SMS code that came after the approval of the application.

Вкармане личный кабинет

The official website of VKarmane contains a link to the personal section of the client in the header of each page. To get into your account, the borrower sequentially fills in the fields of the authorization form with the following data: email and password.

It is important that the borrower continues to use the electronic mailbox and mobile number used to register your personal account, because they will help to restore password to your account in your pocket if necessary. You should choose a recovery method using the link "Forgot your password?" in the personal account section, the password will be sent to the borrower via SMS or e-mail.


Do you use your personal account in your pocket? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.