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“Web loan” is a microfinance organization specializing in issuing microloans to the population online at any time of the day, seven days a week. Loans are issued to citizens of Russia who have reached the age of majority when providing passport data. The age limit for customer service is 65 years. The borrower will be required to have a card of a bank that is a resident of the Russian Federation.

It is possible for the client to provide a quick loan for up to 30 days with a maximum loan amount of 5,000 rubles, with an increase in subsequent microcredit operations of up to 7,000 rubles and above . It is possible to obtain a loan through a bank card, bank transfer.

In order to start working with the microcredit system, register a personal account Web loan. To obtain a loan, you may need to have a digital analogue of a handwritten signature.

Веб займ официальный сайт

Personal Account Features

A client who has an active account can use the following functions through a Web loan personal account:

  • Microloan registration and repayment.
  • View payment history.
  • Issuing financial documents and printing them.
  • Consulting assistance of an online manager.
  • Participation in the loyalty program with subsequent correction of credit history.
  • Opportunity instant receipt of subsequent microloans.
  • Application for extension of the loan term.
  • Online calculation of current debt.

Registration and access to your personal account

Вход в личный кабинет Веб-займ осуществляется вводом пары «логин+пароль», где логин — это номер телефона. Ссылка «Забыли пароль» нужна, чтобы восстановить пароль.

Веб займ личный кабинет

The registration process starts by clicking the “Get Money” button on the main page. Previously, the client must establish the amount of microcredit and the repayment term of the loan. After that, the input of contact and personal data is required. It is necessary to provide:

  • E-mail and contact phone number.
  • Name.
  • Address up to the apartment number.
  • Identity document data .
  • Data of an active bank card / bank account.
  • Information about the place of work.

Pending approval of the application is possible from 2 to 5 hours.


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