Personal account of NPF Welfare

NPF Blagosostoyanie began to work as a non-profit organization to provide pensions for employees of the Russian Railways holding, but now it accepts deposits from any citizen or organization of the Russian Federation. The Fund’s website allows existing customers to create a personal account of NPF Blagosostoyanie to check their retirement accounts and use additional services.

НПФ Благосостояние официальный сайт

Possibilities of a personal account

Through a password-protected section, the personal account of NPF Welfare is allowed to clients: | || 39

  • Отслеживать состояние пенсионных счетов, договоров НПО и операции по ним.
  • Use electronic sample applications and form templates.
  • Get information about additional ways to increase pension savings. | || 42
  • Запрашивать документы и справки.
  • Learn about additional services of the Fund.
  • Exchange messages with the fund and see the history of correspondence.
  • View important notifications from the Fund.
  • Clarify the information in the electronic reference book on pension and tax legislation.

Using the "Down payment online" section, you can transfer the pension contribution from Visa and MasterCard bank cards to your personal contract identification number without authorization on the website.

Registration and access to your personal account

В клиентский раздел можно перейти через официальный сайт НПФ Благосостояние по ссылке «Личный кабинет», находящейся в верхнем меню страницы, слева от логотипа.

НПФ Благосостояние личный кабинет

The client who has entered into an agreement with the Fund will be allowed to enter the personal account of NPF Welfare at while fulfilling the following conditions:

  • The agreement entered into force since the first pension deductions from the client were received on the bank account.
  • The client signed the application form, expressing consent to receive the remote information service access to your retirement accounts.

There are several ways in which the application form can be registered:

  • Personal appeal to the branch of NPF Blagosostoyanie with SNILS and passport. An information envelope with a login and password is issued to the client on the same day.
  • Forwarding to the Fund a letter filled out according to the template specified on the Fund's website, an application form with a notarized signature. After receiving and processing the request, the authorization data will be sent to the client’s email address indicated in the questionnaire.
  • The current and former employees of Russian Railways, its subsidiaries and affiliates provide the questionnaire to the HR department.

For authorization you need:

  • Login, which uses SNILS (without delimiters, since the input field is formatted).
  • Password, which is initially set by the Foundation, but can be replaced by the user in the service settings or when recovering the password.

The address of the e-mail registered in the application form helps to recover the password. By entering SNILS and email on the page that opens from the authorization section using the "Forgot password" link, the user using the "Restore" button requests recovery instructions by email.

Access to the personal account of NPF Welfare is terminated after the Fund has completed all obligations under the contract by the NGO or the client terminated the contract.


Do you use the personal account of NPF Welfare? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


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  5. Hello. 09/09/2017 I received an SMS that I was assigned a private pension from 08/08/2017. What does this mean? I already receive a pension from the Non-Commercial Partnership “Welfare” since 2016.
    Thank you. Sincerely, Anatoly Zaitsev, pensioner PMS-51 S-Kav. railway