Personal account of NPF Lukoil Garant

Lukoil-Garant is a non-state pension fund with a twenty-year history. The fund provides several pension programs, including corporate ones, and its client audience is 3 million people.

Lukoil Garant accepts electronic applications for the provision of services, the personal account of Lukoil Garant on the official website of the fund serves as a personal information service for the client control over savings.

НПФ Лукойл Гарант официальный сайт

Possibilities of a personal account

Information and operations available to clients of pension programs through a personal account of NPF Lukoil Garant:

  • Status of a pension account.
  • The size of the funded pension and voluntary contributions under the co-financing program.
  • Pension calculator for online calculations.
  • Data on the approximate amount of the future pension.
  • Conclusion non-state pension agreement.
  • Updating / confirmation of the invariability of personal data.
  • Ordering and receiving statements on the pension account.
  • Editing contact information (email, mobile) *.
  • View passport data *.
  • Getting advice from a fund representative.

* Available to users of the extended version of your personal account. It can be obtained by confirming personal data through an ESIA account.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can register in the online service through the official website of NPF Lukoil Garant only after the client information about him is entered into the site database. Client information appears in the system after the first receipt of pension savings in the account of Lukoil Garant. The transition to servicing savings from a non-state pension fund is carried out in the year following the year of submitting the application, until March 31.

The new user is asked to choose which document will be registered on the site:

  • SNILS (number).
  • Passport (date of issue, series, number).

In addition to information about the documents, the birth date of the registrant is indicated. If the data was recognized by the system, the user will be asked to enter an email address to which a notification about registration in the personal account will be sent and a password.

НПФ Лукойл Гарант личный кабинет

Subsequently, the user logs into the personal account of Lukoil Garant through a password and login. The SNILS number can be indicated as a login - only numbers, without spaces and separators.

The system does not have the ability to recover a password if it is lost. To continue using your personal account, you need to register again and receive a new password by email. It’s better to do it right away, as it becomes clear that the password is forgotten / lost, because when you enter incorrect authorization data 5 times in a row, access to your account is blocked for a day.


Do you use your personal account of NPF Lukoil-Garant? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Не могу зарегистрироваться и открыть личный кабинет. В НО «НПФ»ЛУКОЙЛ-ГАРАНТ» являюсь участником данного фонда, договор №6162 от 01.01.1995 г. пенсионное обязательство 14 6162 пенсионная схема №1001. Пыталась зарегистрироваться вбиваю данные, выдает не найдено. Деньги на счету имеются. Хочу узнать подробности счета и получение взносов.

  2. I can’t log into my account . The personal account of the Otkrytie NPF opens. I type in the login and password. My data was not found in the system.

  3. I can’t log into my account. He writes that my data was not found in the system, although I am looking for everything right. In 2015 she retired, in March of the same year, she paid 12,000 under the 1000 for 1000 program. I want to see the savings and when there will be a payment

  4. I don’t understand why the Discovery Pension Fund is located only in Moscow? How can I find out the amount of the funded part of the pension? On the phone, it’s unrealistic to understand what your employees are talking about, i.e. I was taken away from the opportunity to apply to a pension fund in the city where I live - in Krasnodar. It is more convenient for you, dear workers of the pension fund, but it is not convenient for us pensioners. Moreover, we are poorly versed in pension fund issues. Why was he transferred to Moscow? After all, there was an office in Krasnodar. I checked my savings, but they told me that I can’t get them, because ... - and nothing is clear! In vain I transferred to your fund!

  5. Hello! I can’t enter the whole page in my account. I want to check my savings. I know the login and password exactly

  6. I want to check my accumulations ... I can not enter my personal account !!! I remember and know the login and password !!!

  7. Where in my account I can see the amount of investment savings. And when will the payment be?

  8. how can I to find out my username and password if I don’t know any of them but the part of the funds were transferred to your company but they didn’t give me a password or login, I contacted the pension fund but they told me that your pension part was transferred to Lukoil guarantor NPF at 15, 03,2017

  9. how to correctly send documents to receive through your personal account funded pension in connection with retirement and what documents are needed?

  10. Не могу войти в личный кабинет. Нет никаких сведений о накопительной части пенсии с 2012г.

  11. Kovenko Lyubov Gavrilovna .
    Good afternoon. I have concluded an agreement with you No. 312-637 *** - 1051 from 11/26/2012. In March 2018, I will retire, tell me what documents and what I need to do to receive my pension from you at the same time? I live in the Samara region. I can’t log into my personal account for 2 months already.

  12. Good day! I am a client of your retirement fund. Tell me, I don’t remember if I filled out the login and password for the personal account. How to find out whether or not, and what needs to be done in order to register?

    • Я забыл,проходил ли я регистрацию в личном кабинете

  13. Joined the program for co-financing a pension in 2009, at first, according to my statement, accounting transferred 1 thousand rubles a month, then began to transfer it independently through Sberbank. After retirement, I received lump-sum payments several times, applied to the regional office of Lukoil-guarantor, received an extract on receipt and delivery of money transferred by me. Recently, the receipt has not been reflected in my personal account, and the regional office for some reason does not work, it is advised to contact to Moscow, why? I would like to know where I can apply in Astrakhan and find out about the receipt of the money I transferred through Sberbank. In September 2016, Sberbank did not accept transfers, contacted the then-operating office of Lukoil-Garant, gave new details for the transfer, began to list by these details, but there was no information about new arrivals. Maybe the program’s action has ended and you don’t have to send money anymore? I will be very grateful for the answer. The fact is that several of my colleagues who joined me in the Program have the same problems, Thank you.

      • I'm I. Yezhova Mom of the deceased Yezhov Gennady Nikolaevich. three times they returned documents for receiving my son's pension savings, with reference to an incorrectly certified statement. 1 time there was no order for a specialist of the administration certifying permission to engage in notarial activity. - Sent, 2 times it was necessary to assure the head of the administration this order - I certified. sent off. did everything as the girls said on the hot line, today they called again returned. I requested tel. They didn’t give a specialist directly dealing with my case. What do i do? I can’t understand .. I do as they say they return with the following excuse.