Personal account of NPF Sberbank

Sberbank's non-state pension fund allows everyone to familiarize themselves with their work on the official website, which contains detailed information on corporate and individual pension programs. Sberbank of Russia has established itself as a reliable partner, its non-state pension fund is one of the ten leaders in the rating of NPFs on the yield of pension savings on client accounts.

The personal account of NPF Sberbank allows you to use ample opportunities in managing pension savings and calculate your future pension.

НПФ Сбербанка официальный сайт

The possibilities of a personal account

The functionality of a personal account of a client of the Pension Fund of Sberbank is quite extensive. Here you can track information on your personal account and manage your pension savings:

  • Select (change) an individual pension program.
  • Enter into an agreement on non-state pension coverage.
  • Pay online payment according to an individual plan.
  • Order a full statement of the status of the individual (personal) account, which will reflect the movement of customer funds in the time range specified in the request.
  • Calculate the approximate future pension, which can be done using a simple pension calculator.
  • View accruals from the employer, control your pension savings.

Registration and access to your personal account || | 48

Для того чтобы зарегистрироваться в онлайн-режиме как клиент НПФ, необходима электронная почта, паспорт и СНИЛС. Если возникли трудности при регистрации можно воспользоваться инструкцией, активная ссылка на которую расположена рядом со ссылкой «Регистрация» на странице входа в личный кабинет НПФ Сбербанка. Инструкция открывается в отдельной вкладке и значительно упрощает создание профиля.

НПФ Сбербанка личный кабинет

In the future, when using the cabinet, the email address stated during registration will be the login. Personal data is important to indicate the same as in the passport, and come up with the correct and reliable password. To receive messages from NPFs that are informative in nature, you need to put a “checkmark” next to SMS informing in the registration data.

If you forgot the password that was set during registration when entering the personal account of NPF Sberbank, you must enter special form email address and code from the image. In the future, follow the instructions sent to the specified e-mail.


Do you use your personal account of NPF Sberbank? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Здравствуйте, хотела узнать накопительную пенсию? Можно получить выписку на электронную почту?

  2. It’s been impossible to register on the site for a month. Either the code in the pictures changes, or the passwords do not match.

  3. I can not register , the code from the image is constantly changing !!!!!! Solve the problem!

  4. Невозможно зарегистрироваться в личном кабинете уже несколько дней!Почему нет доступ к сайту?Почему не решается данная проблема?

  5. Can someone answer why the site is not responding. What is the problem???? What kind of blooper do it at all if it doesn't work. Deal with It. If there is anyone.

  6. it is impossible to register in the cabin. do not receive messages in the mail. one hassle.

  7. It is impossible to register in the office, there is no confirmation on e- mail. 10 times passed registration, 20 times called support, can not do anything. The answer is standard - try again later. Complain to the Rospotrebnadzor, there is no more way out, or look for another non-state pension fund, since they can’t do an elementary thing, what will happen to the pension?

  8. I can not register on my account, because it’s impossible to write anything in the control question line.

  9. I can’t register in my account. I only have an agreement with NPF Sberbank and I need a receipt of the PF branch, or rather its number. Where to get it. Izhevsk city

  10. Hello, I can’t log in to my personal area, the information is coming in. I’m not correctly entering the image code. Why it doesn’t work, I write all the numbers correctly.