MIPT's personal account

“Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology” (MIPT) is a Russian technical university, noted in the main international rankings of the best universities. The main emphasis in the selection of applicants is on their giftedness and creative potential, from the first year students are actively involved in conducting research. The learning process is accompanied by the use of modern information technologies, through the MIPT’s personal account section on the university’s website, you can access a closed corporate network.

МФТИ официальный сайт

Personal cabinet options

The MIPT’s personal account is provided through the service a number of auxiliary tools are available:

  • Automatically updated schedule.
  • Publication of regulatory documents.
  • Webinar organization service.
  • Microsoft cloud package Office.
  • Task Scheduler, which allows you to attach scans / photos abstract.
  • Internal online messaging service.
  • Telephone directory of all departments of the University.

Наличие мобильного приложения МФТИ позволяет эффективно использовать личный кабинет на мобильных устройствах — на ходу уточнять расписание и задания, настраивать напоминания перед занятиями.

Registration and access to the personal account

The right to access the MIPT personal account section on the website is available to employees, students and university graduates.

Students and graduates to gain access to the service need:

  • Get a mailbox in the corporate domain @ phystech.edu. The address will be highlighted after a personal appeal to technical support (classroom, cabinet 517) or by email to helpdesk@mipt.ru, while a student ID / diploma scan must be attached to the message.
  • Go to the MIPT official website and register using the email you received. In addition to the mail, the user indicates the last name, first name, desired login and assigns a password to the account.
  • Activate the account according to the instructions received by email.

MIPT employees do not need to register on the site, since they enter the service through the data of the corporate email account @ mipt.ru. In this case, the username is a combination of the last name, dot and first letters of the name and patronymic (in Latin), and the password is the access code for the mail. An employee can create a corporate account in the office of MIPT-telecom.

МФТИ личный кабинет

Recovering a forgotten password for students and graduates is possible through the “Forgot password?” Link, which is located in the authorization form block under the “Login” button. When a link is activated, the system asks for an email address to which a password reminder will be sent.

University employees have a username and password from their personal account that match corporate account access data, and they can only recover a password when handling a passport at MIPT-telecom.


Use your personal MIPT account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Как же сложно войти в личный кабинет для оплаты. Сделайте уже более простой способ регистрации и авторизации, поучитесь у других.