Personal account of the RHF

Information system of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (RHF) - software for the remote processing, examination, processing and storage of applications for RHF, as well as reports and financial documents on projects. Interaction of users in the system is possible due to the web interface of the personal account of the Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation, in which various user groups are assigned an access level that corresponds to the tasks they perform.

РГНФ официальный сайт

Features of the personal account

Using the information system The following operations are performed by the personal account of the RHF:

  • Registration of applications for participation in the Fund’s competitions, printing of finished copies.
  • Reporting on projects that were supported by the Foundation, printing of registered reports.
  • Remote examination of applications and reports received by the Fund.
  • Automated collection, ordering and storage of applications and reports received by the Fund on secure servers.
  • Maintaining financial documents for projects, funded by RHF.

Information entered in the electronic fields on the pages of the service is automatically saved if the system does not display an error message. The data stored in the system is backed up daily.

Registration and access to your personal account

To work with the information system, registration is required through the official website of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation. With its help, the user communicates information about himself and sets access data:

  • Username (email address).
  • Surname.
  • Name.
  • Middle name.
  • Password to work with the system.
  • Confirm password.

If you use the wrong data input format, the system will highlight the corresponding fields of the registration form and display prompts . If after the user has applied the "register" button, a message appears on the screen about the successful completion of online registration on the site, he can go to the authorization section and log in to the personal account of the Russian State Humanitarian Fund by the already known data:

  • Address email as a login.
  • The password assigned during registration.

РГНФ личный кабинет

The email address not only serves as an identifier for the user, but also helps to recover a password that has become inaccessible to the user. The recovery request is performed by the “Remind password” button located in the lower panel of the authorization form under the “enter” button. The forgotten / lost password is sent to the mail, after successful login to the personal account of the Russian State Humanitarian University, it should be changed.


Do you use your personal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Good afternoon. I am the executor of the Russian-Chinese international grant of the Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation “International Aspects of the Cultural Policy of Russia in the Post-Soviet Period”, project No. 15-23-21002 ″ Makhamatov Tair. Now, to enter my publications on the RHF site, I can’t enter my personal account because I forgot my password. To my request by the button “Remind password” the answer is sent by old mail, but it has changed. What to do in this case?