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“” is an educational portal aimed at improving the quality of students' knowledge of mathematics and other subjects using an interactive training program. All teaching materials are available through the Uchitu personal account, in which the teacher or parent is initially registered, after which he sends an invitation to the student. Classes for students are completely free when working from the school computer, from home - on weekdays until 16:00 with the ability to solve 20 problems until the end of the day. If you wish to study at without time limits and on weekends, it is proposed to purchase an advanced account.

Учи ру официальный сайт

Personal account options

Depending on the type of user participating in the educational process, the Uchi personal account ru provides various functions.

For schoolchildren:

  • School program.
  • Advanced level program.
  • Online and school tasks.
  • The curriculum automatically adjusted by the system according to the student’s progress.

For parents:

  • Tracking the dynamics of the child’s learning.
  • Data on the frequency of classes and achievements.

For educators:

  • Access to the school preparation program for educators before.

For educators and teachers:

  • Registration of students in the project.
  • Distribution of invitations for registration in the project to colleagues.
  • Monitoring student progress and class statistics.
  • Access to the materials of the program and the olympiad tasks for previous years.

You can also use Uchi's personal account from a mobile device running Android or iOS by installing the application on it. All the functions of the training service of the site version are saved in the application.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can log in to the system while working from the site directly from the main page - in its right part there is a block for login and password input. To enter Uchitur’s personal account from a mobile application, it’s enough to enter a digital pin code, which can be configured during the first standard authorization.

Учи ру личный кабинет

The site is built according to the following scheme: the teacher registers in the project and gets the opportunity to invite to him students and their parents by giving out invitation codes. When registering, the teacher twice enters an email and selects a password - according to these data, he will subsequently be logged into the personal account. An account is created in the system after confirming the email address.

If the school is not involved in the project, the student’s parents can register through the official website of Uchiru to study with the child independently. First of all, when registering, they provide information about the student for the selection of a suitable curriculum: in which class is studying, name, surname and gender. After that, the parent creates an account in his name, setting the login (email address) and password for working in the system.

An adult project participant can restore the password by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" to the recovery page by entering the email address and sending a request. The forgotten or lost access code should be reminded to the student by the parent or teacher, specifying the data in the personal account.


Use your account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


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