Personal account of Corn

"Corn" - a payment card that can be issued in any salon of the Euroset. And like any other bank card, it has a private office of Corn, which allows the user to carry out various operations on the card without leaving home. It starts up immediately after receiving the card automatically.

Кукуруза официальный сайт

Features of your personal account

Using your personal account in Corn you can make many operations online.
The main operations include:

  • Tracking the balance on the card.
  • Control of expenses.
  • Topping up the balance of the phone.
  • Viewing the operations that were performed on the card.
  • Payment of many services without leaving your home, for example, utilities, Internet, electricity and many others.
  • Payment of purchases and services on the Internet.
  • Replenishment of electronic wallets.
  • Repayment of loans of many banks in Russia.
  • Interest-free transfers to other Corn cards.
  • Transfers to cards of other banks on favorable terms.
  • Opportunity save transactions so that next time you can simply re-pay.
  • Setting scheduled payments to make necessary payments on time.
  • Setting limits on the card so as not to spend too much.
  • Control of credit limit debts in case the card credit.

Registration and entrance to the personal account

The personal account of the Corn is formed upon receipt of the card, in order to enter it, you must use the username and password. Login is the barcode shown on the card. And you need to find out the primary password by calling the hotline from the phone specified during the registration of the card. Then the password must be changed.

Кукуруза личный кабинет

To restore the password, you must specify the card barcode and date of birth. After that, a message will be sent to the phone with a confirmation code, which must be entered, and then a new password must be entered.

It is also important that the password changes after a year, in the same way as the password is restored. Information about the card holder is filled in upon receipt of the card and you cannot change anything yourself. And to change the data, you must contact the salon "Euroset". However, if the mobile phone number has changed, the new number will be replaced only by calling the hotline.


Do you use your personal account in Corn? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. После вынужденного перехода в новый банк не получается пополнить карту кукуруза с другой карты. Звонок по телефону остался без реакции. Отношение к клиенту наплевательское.

  2. I wanted to send a letter to this address Corn ( - the letter is not sent. And sms come from there ... You somehow sort it out yourself, if at all you read a letter from us. Sincerely.

  3. Hello! How can my card be archived? The card is valid until 04.21goda. I use it monthly since 2011, i.e. I have been sending money transfers for several years now. The funny thing is, transfers reach the recipient. I have never managed to enter my personal account. I wanted to see the accumulated points. I receive SMS messages with offers systematically. They couldn’t explain anything on the phone 88007007710.

  4. I stopped using the phone number on which the corn card was registered tm.
    your phone number 8 800 700 77 10 is not available. I wanted to continue using the card, how to reregister to a new phone number

  5. And how do I Do you attach a barcode? You’ve got completely puzzled with the LC entry system !!!! Stsuka-made children PEPSI who have no nichrome in their head except for a computer! There are people who use the computer as a calculating machine, why the hell are such wisdom for them!