PayPal account

The PayPal payment service allows users from 190 countries to send and receive money, specifying as the only requisite the email address that was selected when creating the account in the system. Reliability and transparency of conducting financial transactions through your PayPal account is the main feature of the system that made it popular.

PayPal официальный сайт

Features of your account

Actions that an individual or organization’s representative will be able to perform through the official PayPal website after registering as a user:

  • Receiving and sending payments.
  • Linking to the account cards Mastercard, American Express, Visa.
  • Viewing a detailed journal online account transactions.
  • Simultaneous payments to multiple users.
  • Automatic withdrawal of funds from a PayPal account to a bank.

Operations available through PayPal's personal account only to corporate owners accounts:

  • Integration of an online store with the PayPal payment system.
  • Billing counterparties for payment.

Registration and access to your personal account

В системе PayPal представлена регистрация двух видов. Можно открыть:

  • Personal account for making purchases in online stores, making and receiving payments without disclosing financial information.
  • Corporate account for working with clients : invoicing and accepting payments for your services or products.

PayPal личный кабинет

After marking the type of account you need and clicking on the “Continue” button, the user will proceed to the next registration step.

Register your personal PayPal account | || 55

Для получения личного счета Пейпал на новой странице частное лицо выбирает из выпадающего списка свою страну, указывает email и заданный для работы с системой пароль, после чего щелкает по кнопке «Далее». Следующая форма завершает регистрацию и создает личный счет клиента. Данные для формы:

  • Citizenship.
  • Surname, name and patronymic in Cyrillic.
  • Date of birth.
  • Passport details - number and series .
  • Number of one of the three documents: SNILS, TIN, OMS.
  • Street, house and apartment of residence.
  • Index.
  • City of residence.
  • Region.
  • Mobile number.

The completed form will be sent after the user marks the agreement with the rules for the provision of the service and uses the “Confirm” button and open an account. ”

Registration of a corporate PayPal account

To receive a corporate Paypal account, once on a new page, the representative of the organization indicates the email address that will serve as the login in the system and clicks“ Proceed". The first of three forms will open to complete the registration of the legal entity account. It indicates:

  • Password.
  • Last name, first name and, if available, middle name of the IP / owner of the organization.
  • Full name of the organization.
  • Контактный телефон организации.
  • Legal address (street, house).
  • Settlement.
  • Index.
  • Region. | || 77
  • Основная валюта счета.

In the following forms, detailed information about the legal entity and its representative will be requested.

Link “Can’t log into the account?” from the authorization form will help to recover the password. If the user remembers the registration email and has access to it, the password will be changed through him. Otherwise, the system will prompt you to remind email if the user indicates 3 email addresses that could be associated with an account.


Use your PayPal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. Не могу привязать банковский счет — нужен BIC Сбербанка. Я уже взял выписку из СБ с указанием Бик банка для рублевых переводов (для валютных переводов 9-значных кодов не бывает!)

  2. I can’t get into my personal account, I don’t remember neither the email that was attached, nor the password, and the phone number was different, how to be?