Webmoney account

WebMoney personal account is the main means of managing an electronic wallet in this system. The Webmoney electronic payment system is one of the first in the network and is characterized by a high degree of protection, lack of anonymity and a fairly high percentage on any payments, except for purchases directly on the Internet.

Due to the relatively high security of payments and certificate systems, services Webmoney is widely used for various payments, utility bills, payment for tickets. There is the possibility of obtaining a plastic card or attaching an existing bank card upon receipt of the corresponding certificate.

Вебмани официальный сайт

Personal Account Features

Webmoney personal account features are quite wide. If you have a confirmed certificate, you can even participate in a special credit program, lend money at interest or borrow.

  • There is a search by owners of purses and correspondents.
  • You can get from your personal account complete information on each of its wallet, payment, see the balance of money in the account. It is possible to create foreign currency accounts.
  • According to the standard certificate, payments are made for services, telephone, utility bills online and fines, online purchases, money transfers between wallets and withdrawals to other systems.
  • When transferring Webmoney, you can leave an additional confirmation code by request.
  • An additional certificate will be required to transfer money to bank cards.

Registration and access to your personal account

A login is required to enter WebMoney's personal account, which can be an individual number in the Webmoney system or a mailbox and a personal password. The system recognizes input devices and stores data for each entry. To enter from a new device, you will need additional confirmation from your phone or from a special internal Webmoney confirmation system.

Registration in the system requires confirmed personal data for any monetary transactions. It is required to provide full passport data, phone number, email. When confirming the passport data, a formal standard certificate is assigned, an individual number is assigned, and it is possible to create electronic wallets.

Вебмани личный кабинет

Login to your WebMoney account via an internal link or through a system application. Standard access to your personal account is carried out from a verified device, any login to your Webmoney personal account from another device will be done with an e-mail warning.

You can reset your password by request using the mailing address to which you will receive a notification for confirmation and the phone number registered in the system.


Do you use your Webmoney account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Я тоже не могу вывести деньги. Зайти в аккаунт тоже не могут — пишет, что аккаунт удален.

    • It is likely that you rudely violated the rules of the system. Contact technical support through the website or by phone.

  2. I just can’t go to your office - it writes that the password is not correct, then the numbers from the picture are entered incorrectly. She studied, wrote to support too ... How to withdraw money?

  3. Hello! For the 3rd day I can’t open my wallet because SMS with codes do not come. I also have a 2nd phone number and the same problem occurs