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Yandex Money is Russia's second most popular payment system. A convenient Yandex Money personal account, an intuitive interface, quick registration, the ability to withdraw cash at an ATM by anonymous users are the main advantages of this payment system.

If you do not already have an account in Yandex Money, feel free to start it - register it won’t take much time.

Яндекс Деньги официальный сайт

Personal account features

After registering in the system, you will immediately be taken to your Yandex Money account. Subsequently, the entrance will be carried out by entering Yandex email and the password specified when registering the account. You can enter your user’s account online from any part of the world, wherever you are - you only need Internet access.

After registering, any user is assigned an anonymous type of wallet, in the future it will be possible to increase its functionality by sending your passport data or having gone through the identification process at the Moscow office of the company.

You can view the status of your wallet by clicking on the place where the amount of money is shown on the balance. Anonymous users will not be able to:

  • Withdraw Yandex money from your wallet; Money more than 5,000 rubles per day.
  • Store more than 15,000 rubles.
  • Send transfers to other users of the system.
  • Transfer money to bank accounts or a bank card.
  • Receive transfers by mail.

To conveniently replenish Yandex wallet, it is recommended to link a bank card. You can do this by clicking on the amount of money in your account. Next, a window will open in which you need to click “bank card binding”. After that, you must clearly follow the instructions of the service.

On the left side of the office is a functional panel on which the tabs are located:

  • My operations.
  • Goods and services. || | 51
  • Переводы.
  • Bank cards.
  • Accepting payments.
  • Settings.

These are the tabs that you will use the most often. With Yandex Money you can pay for a mobile phone, utilities, pay off loan debt, pay for goods on the Internet.

In the “My Transactions” tab, all actions with your account (cash withdrawal, payment for services, etc.) will be indicated. ) It is worth noting that receiving virtual money from the wallet is much easier than in other payment systems: for this it is enough to order a MasterCard card directly from the user's account, wait for it to arrive in the mail, receive it and activate it. You won’t be able to pay in stores (with an anonymous wallet status), but you can withdraw money from an ATM. This is the most convenient way to receive electronic money in cash.

Registration and access to your personal account

Registration passes through Yandex mail, so if you do not have it, you will have to start it. Then go to the official site Yandex Money -, enter your mail, phone number (required).

Яндекс Деньги личный кабинет

Everything - registration is completed, your Yandex Money account has been created. A window will open in which the number of your wallet will be written, by which you can top up it. In the future, the entrance will be carried out using a password from the mail and SMS code that will come to your phone. You can recover your password using the mail.


Use your Yandex Money account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Перевела деньги через Яндекс Деньги на карту, но деньги на карту не пришли! В чём дело? Какой срок зачисления денег на карту?

  2. my Yandex wallet number 41001 533 0438 157. I can’t enter it, and I urgently need to transfer the money. HELP!

  3. НЕ могу войти в личный кабинет в Яндекс-Деньги, т.к. выходят формы только для регистрации. А куда вписывать пароль и № счета? Ерунда какая-то.Надоел этот дурдом.Хорошо, что у меня на счете 1 р. И больше ни за что никогда нисколько не положу. Везде только дурят!

  4. Horror, not a payment system, some problems with by you, it’s not possible to work at all. You are either mediocre or fraud.

  5. When paying for utilities Tyumen TRIC 05/11/2017, the money went to Yandex Money NPO LLC, as there is a response No. 27215 dated 08/28/2017, signed by the specialist of the operations protest department of Yandex.Money NPO M, A, Plohov. I ask you to return my money in the amount of 3258.81 rubles to the card. I hope for understanding. N.V. Chertishcheva.

  6. Hello! Why am I registered and having Yandex money wallet, I can’t enter it ?! Forms are only for registration and there is no form where I have to insert the account number and password!

  7. yesterday they transferred money to the wallet, a day has passed no money.

    how to figure it out? Thank you.

  8. Здравствуйте! мой номер кошелька в яндекс деньги 410013975979125 исчез и я его не могу найти и эл. почту Help restore the wallet and. Mail

  9. Good afternoon! Please help me find the money - in April, I paid 781 rubles 54 kopecks to Yandex to Alie Express in China to the number 2570032731364893 in China. Due to mail, the order I sent was sent back without notifying me - China sent me the money back - I ask you to transfer me the numbers listed on Yandex money to my Yandex wallet My passwordLara1945 wallet number 410015459709194! If possible, call me on my phone when you transfer the money 89169823402 Pomyalova Larisa Sergeevna! I will be very grateful to you and I will wait! THANKS!

  10. Our dad put 1,500 rubles. Yandex money into the wallet and forgot about it. Since December 2016, write-offs of 270 rubles have been sent. every month. At the moment, we can not use the wallet, because he, apparently, is put on a cancellation machine. I ask you to help transfer the remaining funds to another existing wallet or phone.

    • So, you are not poor, since you forgot about 1500 ... Wow ... I would have forgotten hell ... I’m happy for your family. Do not be discouraged, everything is fine with you !!! ))))

  11. Our grandfather put 1500 money in Yandex wallet and forgot . 2 years have passed and 270 rubles are deducted from his wallet every month. I can’t transfer to another wallet, although there is advertising. Everything is done so that you can only put and pay. Everything should be for the client, not for crooks. Disgusting service. I enter my account number - the answer - there is no such client. What is it like? Despite the fact that I have been using my personal account for a long time. Just did not know what you can only give.

  12. I, it seems, I wrote the Yandex money wallet number incorrectly. How can I check my wallet number in Yandex money?