Kari's personal account

Kari chain stores are engaged in retail and online trade, the assortment of stores is shoes, items of clothing and accessories for children and adults. The company also cooperates with a number of online loan issuing services, and payment is made at the cash registers of Kari stores. Through the official website of Kari, you can not only order goods from the online catalog, but also create a personal account of Kari, which will provide additional benefits when making purchases.

Кари официальный сайт

Features of your personal account

Becoming registered users of the site , customers discover the following useful functions of Kari's personal account:

  • Ordering a multi-functional Club Card with receipt at a retail store.
  • Adding items from the online catalog to the “Wish List”.
  • Subscribing to informing about ongoing promotions via email and sms mailing.
  • Viewing the log of online orders.
  • Getting bonuses on the Club Card when shopping in the online store. || | 44
  • Доступ в платежный сервис Kari через номер зарегистрированной бонусной карты.
  • Information about the balance of the Club Card.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can go to the “Kari Personal Account” section by clicking on the icon located in the upper right corner of any site pages. There are 2 blocks on the main page of the section - “Registration on the site” with a button leading to the page with the electronic application form, and “Login for registered” with the authorization form.

Кари личный кабинет

The registration form requires the indication:

  • Номера мобильного телефона.
  • The password that the buyer wants to use to work with his personal account.
  • Email addresses.
  • Names.
  • Фамилии.

In addition, it is mandatory to complete the registration to familiarize yourself with the rules of the agreement on distance selling and express consent with them by putting a checkmark next to the corresponding section of the questionnaire. The user can also leave or uncheck the box next to a subscription to notifications of company news.

You can enter Kari’s personal account without registration using your VKontakte, facebook or Odnoklassniki account. In this case, after authorization, the user will be prompted to add and save information about personal data.

By choosing the standard registration method for filling out the account with the questionnaire, the buyer logs into the account using the mobile phone number and password specified in it. || 57

По ссылке «Забыли свой пароль?» пользователю разрешается восстановить пароль, заказав его напоминание по номеру телефона.


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4 reviews

  1. Добрый день! Была сегодня в вашем магазине ТЦ «Надежда» г.Владивосток. Хочу сказать спасибо вашему продавцу Лилии, которая была внимательной, чуткой, помогала в примерке обуви и подобрала для меня очень удобную обувь.

  2. 29.08.17 произвела оплату по рассрочке 1.333 рубля. После чего мне приходят смс о том, что я имею задолженность, будто я вообще не вносила платёж! Позвонив в тех.поддержку, мне сказали, что имея чек, можно всё исправить. Мой чек оказался утерян! Возможно ли мне сделать копию чека?

  3. 05/27. 2017, in the city of Amursk, Khabarovsk Territory, kari bought summer shoes in the store. The product turned out to be defective which appeared after an hour of wear. 05/29. In 2017, I turned to the same store with a question of exchange, as it turned out not so simple, at the beginning the employee didn’t want to accept statements explaining that she was working on the last day and she was on the drum. Then another employee approached, took the shoes and made a statement while explaining that the director of the store, Ms. Volkova, would consider the application within 10 days. Until now, there is no answer, I’m interested in the question, in fact, the company has been using my funds all this time without rendering me the service of selling quality shoes, what should I do?