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METRO Cash and Carry is a network of wholesale and retail stores that are represented in many cities of the country. The range varies from stationery to luxury alcohol. The store is very popular among catering establishments, as well as among ordinary customers.

To study the range of METRO products and special offers, just go to the general site, and then select the city that you need . The list of cities is located in the upper left corner.

The site is an online store. To add products, just go to METRO's personal account.

МЕТРО официальный сайт

Personal cabinet options

After registering in METRO Cash & Carry's personal account, the sections become available:

  • Account settings records.
  • Company settings.
  • Order history.
  • Credit limit.
  • Loyalty program.

Through Metro's personal account, you can make recording settings, as well as subscribe to some special offers of the store. For example, to receive surveys about the quality of service and assortment. By specifying a phone number, you can subscribe to receive special offers via SMS.

The company settings indicate the data that was submitted to METRO during registration - the legal and actual address of the company. As noted in the section, such information can only be changed in the store itself through the administrator. Invoices are sent to this address, and product catalogs will be sent to the actual mailing address.

In addition, through the office you can see your order history if they were made in the online store. METRO offers its customers the opportunity to purchase on credit, for this it is necessary to contact the store employee and draw up an appropriate contract.

Through the section "Loyalty Program" you can register your card in order to receive 250 bonus points and become participants in the METROpoliya project ".

Registration and access to your personal account

To become a METRO client, the buyer must apply to the service center from his company. This can be done from the organization in which the future METRO client works, or on behalf of the individual entrepreneur if he is an entrepreneur himself. Next, a personal client’s card with his photo is created. The card is assigned a unique number that can be registered in your account.

МЕТРО личный кабинет

By this number, the user gets access to orders in the online store.


Do you use your METRO Cash & Carry account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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    • Login and the password is invented by the user of the personal account,
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