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Sportmaster is the largest chain of stores selling goods for sports and outdoor activities. After registering in the online store, it will be possible to order any goods presented on the shelves of real retail outlets.

By going to Sportmaster’s personal account, the client will have at its disposal advanced functions and also additional bonuses.

Спортмастер официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

A buyer registered on the Sportmaster's official website has several advantages over other users. To enter the Sportmaster personal account, you need to click the corresponding button in the upper right corner, near the basket. Take a look at the available options:

  • My account: this section displays the general data of the client - name, phone number. The number of bonuses is also indicated here. There is a window with reports - when points were awarded, as well as an accumulative scale that allows you to track how much you need to purchase the goods to get a higher status.
  • My orders: here it is application table - indicates the date of registration, individual number. There is the ability to control the status of the implementation. Displays shipping and payment methods, as well as the total amount spent. If necessary, you can get a detailed report on a specific order.
  • My bonuses: an expanded window with information about bonuses. Here you will be able to get data on the accumulation system and client status without being distracted by extraneous things.
  • Personal parameters: in this section there are telephones, a unit for changing passwords, and delivery addresses. At any time, details can be changed or new entries added, password reset.
  • Wish list: during the shopping process, you are invited to add your favorite products to your favorites, after which they will be displayed in this section. This will allow you to postpone purchases for the right time, not forgetting what you want. The store independently saves data about the marked products and enters them into the presented block.

Registration and access to your personal account

You can enter the Sportmaster personal account by going through a simple registration procedure. In addition to the option with filling out forms, the system offers to log in using one of the three social networks. In this case, you still have to enter a phone number and email, and then confirm them.

Спортмастер личный кабинет

Registration of a personal account is available only to residents of the Russian Federation.


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  1. hello ... I want to enter my personal account by club number cards, I don’t remember the password, and the phone number in the profile has long been changed. how to be I can’t call because I’m temporarily not living in Russia .. there’s also no way to answer the Russian number. can I reply to an email?