Personal account of Ingosstrakh

Ingosstrakh is a Russian insurance company operating since 1947 and having offices around the world. During this time, she became one of the most famous and largest in the country, confidently occupying a leading position in quality of work, reliability and efficiency. The company provides various types of insurance services for individuals and legal entities, including CASCO and CTP, civil liability insurance, life insurance, property insurance and medical insurance.

Many of them can be issued through the Ingosstrakh personal account, available on the company's official website.

Ингосстрах официальный сайт

Personal account features

Every client who has an insurance policy, including one who has completed an action no later than 2 years ago, can register and use the convenient and functional Ingosstrakh personal account. Thanks to this service, the remote service option becomes available that allows you to receive services around the clock:

  • View information about your own insurance policies.
  • View information and yield on investment insurance contracts.
  • Renewal of the policy.
  • Obtaining information on the status of the settlement of the loss.
  • Registration of the insurance policy policy for an insurance policy (e-policy).
  • Payment of insurance premiums.

Registration and access to your personal account

To register your personal account Ingosstrakh can either company customers or those wishing to issue an electronic insurance policy. In the first case, registration will not take much time: the system will ask you to enter only the number of the insurance policy that was valid or expired no more than two years ago, as well as contact details.

In the second case, new customers will need to fill out a questionnaire containing such items like: name, personal and passport details, phone number and email address. Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms of service, check the corresponding item and click "Next". Checking the data in the PCA database will take several minutes, after which the password is entered. Login to Ingosstrakh’s personal account for purchasing an e-policy online is open.

Ингосстрах личный кабинет

You can reset your password using the appropriate link from the main page of your office using your mobile phone number: you only need to enter your last name, first name and middle name and phone number. A message will be sent to him with a code for temporary access.


Do you use Ingosstrakh's personal account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Your email does not work CTP, went to Rosgosstrakh! He fought for two days, from two personal dashboards, the owner of the t / s and from his own, the result is 0, but the errors are completely different, not otherwise than specially done!

  2. I would like to hear a comment about football kicks to the PCA website or to another insurance company ...

  3. Electronic CTP tried to arrange 3 days. It is useless, apparently, some kind of squash was specially invented. I went to the office at Voronezh, Mira Street 4. It turned out that they issued 4 policies a day to show that they were working, the rest of the forms were sold to commercial insurers! Turned to the businessmen - Ingosstrakh policy is being sold at a premium of 1900 rubles. That’s the whole secret!

  4. Extreme stupidity in the software on when buying OSAGO on the site
    it’s necessary to make the author try to buy a policy about ten times in a row; it can understand
    that autocompletion - go to the next windows to fill in must be done everywhere, but not selected (rights, for example ) Alfa insurance offers auto-completion based on the previous policy. There is no possibility of returning to the previous state, that is, in case of an error, you must fill out the entire questionnaire !!! Again !! And imagine that you need to include five drivers in the policy? Verification of documents - sending scans, it is necessary to install earlier
    payment by card - it must be available to indicate that payment can be made by any card !!! Bank and not just a terrible savings bank. The second day of acquiring attempts on the site began with your repair ... couldn’t you do it at the same time as the site at night?

  5. the day and month I wrote the extraditions I wrote, I have been working for more than 20 years, there were no accidents
    E-OSAGO at full cost. Ingosstrakh is a predatory company. It acts as if she doesn’t need clients.

  6. E-OSAGO is a complete deception. Ingosstrakh asks for the full date of issue date, month, year, but many owners of a higher education institution have only written the year from which the experience began. When you come from a higher education institution to the company’s office, this year is enough, but e-mail requires a date, month, year and if Do not remember the exact date you are accused of cheating the Ingosstrakh company. This exists in order to go to the office, impose services on you and pay more, that is. The company has electronic cTP, but it practically doesn’t work.

  7. scumbags are simple and it's put it mildly, it is practically not realistic to insure online

  8. I want to buy the OSOSAGO policy. does not work. I tried in Rosgosstrakh, Renaissance insurance, VSK, and in Ingosstrakh I can’t even register my personal account.

    • I haven’t been able to issue compulsory motor third-party liability insurance for eight days, I also tried in Rosgosstrakh, Ingostrakh, and Reso. They kick off different places, then the docks do not pass the test ...