MGTS personal account

MGTS personal account is a personal information page containing detailed information for each client of the company. Here, the subscriber can manage the services, control the costs and receipt of payments for telephone and Internet.

All services are absolutely free, and the interface of your personal account is intuitive. Solving standard user tasks using remote self-service channels is much faster than through a contact center or in the organization’s office.


Personal Account Features

MGTS Personal Account allows the client to perform the following actions without calling hotline or visit to the Service Center.

  • Change of tariff plan. This applies to telephony and Internet services.
  • Connecting additional TV channels.
  • Viewing balance information, taking into account the latest write-offs and crediting of funds.
  • Viewing information about all calls made, their duration, call detail request.
  • Activation of new services.

Registration and access to your personal account


To use MGTS personal account, you need to get a personal access code. There are 2 ways to do this.

  • Call the hotline number. Contact the contact center by phone. Follow the standard identification procedure. To do this, you will need to name the passport data of the applicant specified in the contract. After that, you will receive a code with which you can enter your personal page.
  • Visit the customer service center. You can also get the code by visiting one of MGTS offices, you need to have a passport with you.

The choice of how to get the password is yours, but the first option is undoubtedly more convenient and faster. In the same way, you can also restore the password if you forgot it.

After receiving the PIN, go to the MGTS personal account page, enter the contract or phone number in the field, and then the code. Now you have access to all the information you need for MGTS subscribers. When you first log in, you can change the automatically generated code to your own combination of letters or numbers. Do this for security reasons and to remember your password better.


Do you use your MGTS account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.


  1. Не могу создать личный кабинет! Сразу предлагается вход. Что за фигня?

  2. I, Avakumyants E.A. 6 March 2018, filed a statement on turning off the home phone and the final calculation with MGTS in Tushensky US. Silence to this day. I did not receive any invoice to my e-mail address, as promised by the employee who accepted the application. But billing for payment continues! How do you work? Why did my calls and negotiations with the operators of March 29, 3.04 and 5.04 not have any reaction from MGTS! I dream to finish communication with your company! Send the final invoice to the email address! They promised before April 5, this year, May !!!

  3. Three I tried to register in my personal account for a day, until I came to the office on my own after work. Instead of 10 windows they work 2. In one, "a man was permanently stuck in retirement." So he only "carried the brain" to the operator for 30 minutes. Therefore, it worked 1-window. After 35 minutes, I got this PIN unhappy after all. But the next day, logging in and registering in your personal account was not so simple. I do not understand why MGTS still has difficulties? Is it really impossible to learn from the professionals of the Portal of Public Services, for example. And MGTS offers a lot of services (up to apartment renovation), just not what you need. Ugly organization (as it was, it remains).

  4. The glove compartment, not the organization. What kind of staff do you have, how do they work? Where did my personal account go? Is it necessary to register every time you log in?

  5. With great difficulty, I set up my personal account. Today I’m trying to enter, but he disappeared. This is the technique.

  6. It crashes terribly. Logging in to your account is a problem !!! Ever put things in order?

  7. Today I became a MGTS subscriber. Already cursed everything! The girl said, they carefully drilled a hole, the craftsmen came and said: The drill is bad, we will grind the panels in the corridor, remove them yourself. Allowed to connect to a wire extended by another provider. Installed a DIR-16 router and TV set-top box. Everything worked. Gone. It was from 10-00 to 12-00. At 15-00 I noticed that I did not give out wi-fi. And that’s all! The end! I called the operator, turned on, turned off the router, everything that works on the wire, but there is NO wai fai! The operator sent a request to specialists. They have not yet contacted. Although six hours have passed. I can’t go into my personal account for two hours already. They gave me a username and password, but what's the point? Does not let.

  8. I read the comments, I realized that the entrance to the LC is an insurmountable problem for MGTS. || | 156
    мучаюсь второй час = толпы бездельников каждый раз занудливо уточняют личные данные, переключают друг другу, вновь запрос данных. выдали пин для первого входа, потом я должен установить новый личный пароль. вот сейчас дождусь третий раз пин код, войду через другой браузер и все равно не уверен в +.

    Ay, specialists and managers, are you reading reviews or is it for releasing a couple of clients? If Yes, send an intelligible explanation, my EM: ​​, Vyacheslav

  9. pump money out, billed the retired father for almost 5000 and do not want to recalculate anything! idiots!

  10. I called 2 r in support asking for a password to access my account .NOT one password did not fit all day I try to log in and writes the wrong password how to be in this situation? For what reason there is no access I will terminate the contract outrage ....

  11. I changed the provider and I want to terminate the contract with MGTS-Internet. How to do this?

    • Contact the MGTS sales office, or by phone hotline and you will be advised on this issue.

  12. In house 114 on Prospect Mira fifth day Phones in most apartments do not work, allegedly due to a wire break for an unknown reason. Please take urgent measures.

  13. I want to change the tariff for paying my home phone 8 495 382 80 76 for the cheapest per minute, because I’m calling a little