Personal account Tele2

Tele2 is a well-known international telecommunications company, each year expanding its representation in various cities of Russia, providing its residents with communication services.

Users can easily manage the services provided by the company if they enter the Tele2 personal account .

Теле2 официальный сайт

Features of your personal account

Information on the balance and date of the last payment, as well as what your current tariff is called on the main page of your Tele2 personal account. You can easily change it or your melody, configure the auto payment settings. The “Tariff and Services” section also provides an opportunity to suspend service and manage subscriptions. It is easy to make changes using the “Service Management” button or using the settings in two columns.

In the “My Tele2” section, you can change the password, email address, view notifications, visit logs, switch to another account .

Above is the search bar. At the bottom is the Services tab. You are given the opportunity to issue a virtual card, pick up a melody, pay expenses from the balance sheet or even send money to charity.

The interface is clear. At your service is an online assistant who will give advice on any issues. By clicking on the question mark on the green background on the right, you will open a chat.

Similarly, the Help and Support tab provides help. By sending your contact details, you will definitely receive an answer within 24 hours by e-mail, indicating in advance the subject of the message - depending on whether you want to ask a question, express a wish, gratitude or dissatisfaction with the service.

Tab “Costs and payments” will show you the exact amount spent on communication, used and remaining Internet traffic - information is given for any month. You can order details and see the payment history.

Using your personal account, it’s easy to replenish your account or make the promised payment.

Register and enter your personal account

On Tele2 website in the upper right corner you will see the inscription "My Account". By clicking on it, you find yourself in the appropriate section. Registration in your account is done using a password. He will come to you in an SMS message and you can log in. You can also reset the password through the same form.

Теле2 личный кабинет

In order to get to Tele2's personal account, you need to enter your phone number. You will be sent a password, which should be entered in the appropriate box. After that, the system automatically sends you a request to the phone. You will need to select the "Send" option. Following this, you receive an SMS message with a password that you enter on the site. This takes 15 seconds.


Do you use your Tele2 personal account? Leave your feedback or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.