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The Troika plastic card is a universal electronic medium for paying for public transport in Moscow and the Moscow Region. A card is received for collateral value at the metro ticket offices, at the cash registers of OJSC Central PPK and MTTPK, at Mosgortrans kiosks.

The product website has a page with a card replenishment form, which in some way replaces Troika’s personal account. 38

Карта Тройка официальный сайт

Для оплаты проезда по тарифу проездного билета недостаточно просто пополнить баланс пластикового носителя удаленно, билет должен быть обязательно записан на карту Тройка. Для этого нужно спуститься в метро и подойти к информационному терминалу желтого цвета, на экране терминала выбрать пункт «Удаленное пополнение», приложить карту и дождаться сообщения об успешной записи на нее выбранного билета. Пока билет не будет записан, еще раз дистанционно перевести деньги на карту не получится.

How the card works:

  • If the tickets are Single and TAT, the ticket corresponding to the type of transport will be automatically read first (TAT - in the ground, Single - in the subway).
  • When recording only the Single ticket on the card, all trips will be read from it.
  • The 90-minute ticket is not used with other tickets.
  • When the number of trips on the ticket or its validity period have been used up, payment will be charged at the basic rates.

Personal account options

By specifying the card number, mobile phone and top-up amount (up to 2500 rubles) on the Troika website, you can transfer funds to the card of the same name . Top-up balance online is convenient because electronic money is also accepted for payment. Payment options from the Troika website:

  • By Visa / Mastercard, you can set up automatic payment.
  • From the personal account of mobile operators Tele2, MTS, Megaphone, Beeline.
  • Electronic money Webmoney and Yandex Money.

Other ways to remotely replenish the balance:

  • From a SIM card of MTS, Beeline, Megafon operators, sending 3210 SMS with the text “troika * card number” * * top-up amount * ".
  • Via the sites of agents indicated on the Troika website in the" Agents "tab of the" Automatic Payment "section.
  • You can find out the card balance in the" Troika "application for phones with support for NFC technology - just attach the card to the back of the smartphone and the balance will appear on its display.

Registration and access to your personal account

Since the cards are not registered, the user does not need to register in Troika’s personal account.

Карта Тройка личный кабинет

Pros of the lack of authorization on the site:

  • Not only the owner can replenish through the Internet card.
  • No need to think about how to restore set an account password.


  • If you lose a card, you cannot block funds on it.
  • There is no balance check option.

For replenishment of the balance through the site, you must enter the “Remote replenishment” section from the main menu of the site or by the button “Top up now” from its main page.

The official site of Troika promises to gradually expand the functionality of the card for more convenient use. For example, now you can buy cards that combine the functionality of the Troika and Strelka fare systems. It is possible that a service that is so important for users will appear as viewing the card balance through Troika's personal account.


Use your personal account Troika? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. В Воскресенском районе вводят систему работы транспорта без кондуктора, ставят устройства на вход и выход из автобуса, для считывания оплаты. Вопрос, как можно будет посмотреть, сколько списалось с моей карты «Тройка» при поездке, так как бумажного билета устройство считывания денежных средств не выдает? Насколько я знаю, это не законно?

  2. I lost the Troika card , but has already replenished it for the next 30 days with the "Unlimited" tariff. Is it possible to check it by check?