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North-West Concession Company LLC operates in the road construction sector, and is engaged in the implementation of construction and operational projects for the head sections of the Moscow - St. Petersburg highway. Within the company, the European company VINCI Highways, the operator of road infrastructure and the Russian company MOSTOTREST, operates as its participant. The official site of M11 reveals the main directions of the company’s activity, which include maintaining the high technical and operational characteristics of its high-speed section of the M11 motorway, connecting the official and northern capital of Russia. For regular users of the company’s services, an M11 personal account is available for work, allowing you to receive information about the company’s work, changes in tariffs and new services.

М11 официальный сайт

Personal cabinet options

Any personal M11 account is available for work , opening before him a wide range of possibilities of remote road service.

Among the main features of the personal account of transponders M11 can be listed:

  • View the balance account status and replenish it from the bank card account.
  • Monthly transit information.
  • Monthly account statement with information on all replenishment.
  • View used subscriptions and connect new ones.
  • View information on the remaining trips.

Of the advantages of using your personal account, users note the convenience and simplicity of authorization, as well as payment by credit card - during the customer is saved from re-entering the card number. M11 personal account is available for owners of Phone, iPad gadgets - iPod touch, tablets and netbooks, laptops.

Registration and access to your personal account

Registration in the M11 personal account is available to all users. It does not require additional agreements and trips to the office. The registration procedure takes a minimum of time and requires minimal data about the client.

The registration form is represented by the following fields:

  • Email address.
  • Login.
  • Пароль не менее чем из 6 символов.

After entering this information, you must click the "Register" button, after which an authorization code and a link will be sent to the mail address.

М11 личный кабинет

Login in the personal account M11 is subsequently carried out using the login and password specified during registration. There is also a button to reset the password to enter the user’s account. Forgotten username and password will be sent to your email address.

Using your M11 personal account greatly simplifies travel on the road, saving you travel time. Of the advantages of the M11 highway, not only the quality of the roadway, but also the quality of road service, in particular the presence of technical assistance vehicles, is noted.


Do you use your personal account M11? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. После входа в личный кабинет информация с моими данными индицируется , а сама страница не активна (блеклая и не кликабельна).

  2. contract 32121 sms almost daily comes up that I have to replenish the balance before the trip ... On the balance of 2816 rubles This is EXTREME The dispatcher says that this is a system failure ..... Please configure ....