Personal account of the EIRCC

“The Single Information Settlement and Consulting Center (EIRCC) is the structure responsible for organizing an effective system of mutual settlements between resource-supplying enterprises and consumers of their services in the city of Kostroma and the region. The tasks of the EIRCC include: charging for utility bills, informing the public about changes in it, reducing the debts of utilities due to timely payment of housing and communal services from consumers. The EIRCC personal account is a centralized service management system designed to ensure transparency of accruals for the population and collection of payments for LCD services for suppliers. EIRCC office, can:

ЕИРКЦ официальный сайт

Возможности личного кабинета

Абонент, ставший пользователем электронного сервиса личный кабинет ЕИРКЦ, может:

  • Submit indications of individual metering devices in one click.
  • See accrual accruals to provided indications.
  • Make payments for housing and communal services online using bank cards MIR, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and acquiring from Gazprombank.
  • Print receipts.
  • Make sure that the payment is credited to account for services on your personal account.
  • View the logs of accruals, transmitted testimonies and payments made.

The site also has the option of paying without entering your personal account. To proceed to filling out the payment form, you need to click on the card icon in the top menu of the site, familiarize yourself with the rules for the provision of the service and click the “I Agree” button.

Registration and access to your personal account

Going to the “My Account” section is carried out through the official website of EIRCC:

  • When clicking on the icon in the top menu.
  • From the left menu of the site’s pages.

Requesting access a registered user types in the fields of the authorization form a login (it is the email with which the activation was carried out) and password.

ЕИРКЦ личный кабинет

Unregistered subscribers require registration, which is called “Activation” on the website of EIRCC and is available the link from the main page of the personal account website. The new user activates the account, indicating in the appropriate electronic form:

  • Personal account number. Access to the service is allowed only to existing subscribers.
  • Authorization code (requisite from receipt). If you click on the question mark next to the field name, a photo of the receipt will appear on the screen indicating the location of the authorization code.)
  • Text from the anti-spam picture.

If the account holder is in the system you will need to restore the password, this can be done using the "Recovery" option from the authorization block. Clicking on this link will redirect the user to a page on which you will need to enter your email, captcha code and click the “Continue” button. The system will search for the specified email address in the database and, if it is found, send the recovery instruction to this address.


Use your personal account? Leave your comment or comment on the work of the organization and its personal account, as well as ask your questions.

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  1. В комментариях к получаемым на электронный адрес квитанциях указано, что «Любые Ваши вопросы и пожелания Вы можете отправить через «Обратную связь» c сайта ЕИРКЦ».
    However, when clicking on this link only the mailing address is indicated (and, without specifying the OS mail index of the Russian Federation) and the phone number, and there is no email address (e-mail) (at least I did not find it even after looking at the entire site), i.e. currently it is not possible to send anything by e-mail from the EIRCC to the EIRCC address. Forwarding a written request to a mailing address is a lengthy and not very reliable process, and telephone calls for long-distance and international calls are not cheap. The EIRCC website provided such an opportunity), with the additional possibility of attaching electronic copies of documents, photographs and sending automatically a notification of receipt and registration of the appeal.
    Предлагается разместить на сайте ЕИРКЦ электронный адрес, на который можно отправлять письма (в предыдущей версии сайта ЕИРКЦ такая возможность была предусмотрена), с дополнительной возможностью прикрепления электронных копий документов, фотографии и отправкой в автоматическом режиме ответного уведомления о получении и регистрации обращения.
    It may be necessary to introduce a restriction by setting the right to send emails only for registered users, i.e. only after entering your personal account.

  2. How to register in »Personal office "? does not work. Even if you enter a personal account

  3. Hello! I can’t register in the “My Account” due to the lack of an activation code in the receipts.

    • В личном кабинете невозможно зарегистрироваться. код активации в квитанциях давно не указывается. неужели нельзя исправить? такое впечатление, что сами разработчики этого сайта давно сюда не заглядывали.